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Demand Forecasting: Retail and Wholesale Forecasting Software

Manhattan Associates' Demand Forecasting software manages the delicate balancing act between supply and demand; between minimizing inventory investment and optimizing revenue opportunities. It is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tool for managing the complex demand forecasting and planning challenges that overwhelm many retailers and wholesalers, including demand cleansing, seasonal profiling, retail forecasting, inventory demand forecasting and exception management.

  • Demand cleansing. Promotions, markdowns, weather and entry errors are just some of the factors that can distort your forecasts. Demand Forecasting has built-in demand cleansing so you won't be misled by these anomalies.
  • Seasonal profiling. Seasonal profile management in our demand management forecasting software automatically accounts for seasonal curves related to moving holidays, has advanced profiling science that selects and assigns the best profile from multiple profile/aggregation iterations, and can optionally do an automatic refresh of profiles just before an SKU comes into its next season.
  • Demand forecasting. Whether initializing a demand forecast for the first time, re-initializing after a structural change in demand history or updating the forecast based on recent demand, Demand Forecasting uses our proprietary Unified Forecasting Method™ to dynamically sense demand and adapt the proper forecasting components from multiple forecast methodologies to provide the best demand forecast scenario.
  • Exception management. Our Advanced Exception Management gives you the flexibility to adjust the logic and business rules that govern the creation and management of exceptions. This feature improves productivity by enabling automatic detection and self-correction of many problems including conditional proactive re-adjustment of forecasts. 
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Manhattan Minute: Manhattan Associates Unified Forecasting Method™
Manhattan Minute: Manhattan Associates Unified Forecasting Method™
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