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Multi-Echelon: Multi-Echelon Inventory Management Software

Manhattan Associates’ Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization software excels in managing the most complex supply chain inventory challenges for wholesalers and retailers by eliminating the use of siloed conventional single-echelon systems in multi-level distribution networks. Part of our best-in-class Inventory Optimization suite, Multi-Echelon is designed to solve the thorny problems that can occur when a distribution network has multiple nodes / echelons in their supply chain between the supplier and end point.

Multi-Echelon automates the recognition and resolution of conflicts among the echelons involving planning, forecasting, replenishment, service level goals, overstocks and inventory allocations. For example, unexpected replenishment of a Level 2 distribution center may have near-term repercussions on a Level 1 distribution center, and ultimately on all Level 2 centers in the network.

Multi-Echelon also provides these supply chain inventory management capabilities:

  • Manages complex, multi-tiered and multi-level supply chains
  • Optimizes inventory across all levels of the distribution network
  • Reduces overall inventory while maximizing customer service levels
  • Provides a single solution for both store (or customer-facing echelon) and all upstream distribution centers
  • Responds quickly to changes in customer demand at the end distribution point and synchronizes cascading impacts at upstream levels

Additionally, most replenishment decisions for multi-echelon inventory focus on the store level with nothing taken into account at any distribution center level. Multi-Echelon solves that problem by easily integrating with Manhattan’s Replenishment solution to synchronize replenishment decisions throughout the enterprise.

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