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Replenishment: Inventory Replenishment Software

Manhattan Associates’ Replenishment solution is an intelligent inventory replenishment system that accurately predicts inventory needs and dynamically adjusts to accommodate fluctuating demand patterns across your entire distribution network. At the heart of our inventory replenishment software is a sophisticated statistical demand forecasting engine that combines proven forecasting techniques with demand cleansing, day-of-the-week and seasonal profiling tools to generate the highest return on investment.

Manhattan Associates’ Replenishment solution has enabled us to reduce our inventory by $60 million with the right balance of products in our distribution centers.
Michael Williams, VP of IT, O’Reilly Auto Parts

Our replenishment planning solution incorporates advanced forecasting formulas and optimization technologies that can efficiently manage thousands of SKUs per location to dramatically reduce inventory levels and achieve significant reductions in per-unit replenishment costs.

Replenishment for inventory provides visibility into your total network inventory, so you know what to order, how much to order, and when to order for every location and avoid out-of-stock situations. You gain a competitive advantage by increasing inventory turns, optimizing service levels and reducing inventory with sophisticated inventory replenishment features like:

  • Advanced Safety Stock Optimization
  • Automated Replenishment
  • Inventory Layering
  • Capacity Restrained Ordering
  • Investment Buying
  • Push Allocations
  • Slow Mover Management
  • Advanced Reporting

Replenishment also allows you to:

  • Optimize cross-tier inventory policies to synchronize distribution center and store inventory
  • Use “what-if” scenarios to analyze safety stock inventory investments
  • Create simulation environments to see how order policy strategies impact business
  • Balance service-level goals across multiple channels of demand
  • Maximize profitability of slow-moving items by optimizing inventory replenishment methods
  • Redistribute products when there are inventory imbalances
  • Increase buy-side profitability with integrated replenishment planning and investment buying capabilities
  • Optimize safety stock to reduce inventory and maximize customer service
  • Decrease unnecessary out-of-stock situations
  • Enhance collaboration with external suppliers and internal warehouse operations
  • Free up purchasing resources to focus on vendor analysis and negotiations
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