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Distributed Order Management: Multi Channel Retail Software

Manhattan Associates’ Distributed Order Management software gives multi-channel retailers and consumer goods manufacturers with retail/direct operations the tools to manage, monitor and optimize cross-channel order management—from the time of order entry through funding sourcing, allocation, shipping and settlement. Regardless of whether an order originates online, in-store, through the call center or catalog, multi channel retail software leverages Manhattan’s Supply Chain Process Platform to provide a global, real-time view of inventory, order status and location.

Solutions like Manhattan’s DOM [Distributed Order Management] are the future for cross-channel order management…
John Morrow, CIO, David’s Bridal

Based on a true order management infrastructure and advanced multi channel algorithms, Distributed Order Management allows you to cross channel your operation by serving all channels within your retail management system with real-time views of orders and inventory. Since all channels see the same up-to-date inventory information, you can:

  • Leverage network-wide views of inventory to sell more at each point of customer engagement.
  • Post capture, determine the optimal fulfillment location
  • Optimize the fulfillment point selection process by simultaneously factoring inventory, transportation cost, labor, and service level
  • Provide a purpose built “ship from store” sourcing algorithm to choose the ideal store to ship from
  • Support order modifications/cancellations throughout the order management
  • Allow customers to buy online, pick up in store
  • Support the web storefront with call center capabilities
  • Provide access at any point in the supply chain for:
    • Item search, line pricing and promotions management
    • Native shipping and handling calculation engine
    • Support for credit and gift card processing
    • Full order financials support, including authorization, fraud management, invoicing and settlement
    • Balance demand against existing, in-transit and expected inventory
    • Anticipate inventory shortages and delivery problems
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Distributed Order Management Presentation
Distributed Order Management Presentation
Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2015
September 23, 2015 - September 24, 2015

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