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Enterprise Order Management

Enterprise Order Management serves as a central repository for orders from across all sales channels, providing a full view of customer interactions throughout the enterprise. With intelligent order orchestration and network inventory availability capabilities, Enterprise Order Management acts as the operating system for omni-channel retail, driving increased sales and improved margins through flexible execution management.

With Enterprise Order Management, you can:

  • Enable call center and store associates to search for items in other stores and place an order for in-store pickup
  • Offer great customer service by providing associates with tools to easily perform returns, exchanges, appeasements, price matches, etc.
  • Ensure an order is fully funded throughout its lifecycle, including fraud checks when necessary
  • Source customer orders from across your supply chain by factoring inventory, transportation cost, labor capacity, fulfillment cost and cost of goods sold
  • Monitor available-to-promise requirements, ensuring delivery commitments remain realistic
  • Manage exceptions and generate alerts to give you the time and information to place new orders, reroute, substitute and communicate with customers
  • Authorize and accept a return anywhere in your enterprise, regardless of where the order was originally placed and fulfilled
  • Leverage adapters for integration with ecommerce storefronts, such as Demandware®
  • Manage multiple order workflows by graphically modeling the appropriate workflow
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