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Omni-Channel Planning

Manhattan Associates’ Multi-Channel Planning software gives you the tools you need to plan and manage the complexity of merchandise planning in retail. Multi-channel shoppers spend four times more than single-channel shoppers, so being able to target your customers effectively is critical for profitability. Our Multi-Channel Planning solution enables you to create financial, assortment and item plans for your stores and catalogs—and lets you truly manage e-commerce websites as their own channel.  

Multi-Channel Planning's flexible architecture recognizes each channel’s specific structures, attributes and planning metrics, yet also enables cross-channel inventory planning, monitoring and analyses—critical multi channel solutions for improving inventory management and increasing profitability.

Retail planners can make real-time refinements to reforecast any performance metric and see the impact immediately across a multi-dimensional combination of categories, channels and time periods. With the ability to quickly consolidate "what-if" scenarios and reforecast at all levels of business, you can align inventory with demand trends to minimize markdowns and track enterprise-wide profitability.

With Manhattan’s Multi-Channel Planning software, you can:

  • Build master assortments and channel-specific assortments incorporating each channel’s specific structures, attributes and metrics
  • Create multi-dimensional financial and item plans to track key performance indicators by channel and across channels for multiple categories and time periods
  • Integrate with Manhattan’s Demand Forecasting to provide more accurate forecasts
  • Use “what-if” scenarios to view the impact of changing demand on any channel’s inventory and receipt flow
  • Reforecast at any level of the business to respond to changing demand trends
  • Minimize the need for markdowns by ensuring that inventory is aligned with customer demand in every channel
  • Plan demand based on customer preferences by incorporating attributes into the planning process
  • Compare and reconcile plans at all business levels
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