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Cut the Cord to Improve Customer Experiences and Efficiency

Engage in mobile retail point of sale software and enhance both operational efficiency and customer experiences with Manhattan Associates' point of sale solutions. Provide convenience for customers by accepting payment wherever it's convenient for them and provide additional touch points for active engagement.

Mobile Point-of-Sale

Go truly mobile and watch customer experiences and sales rise. Mobile point-of-sale allows for additional revenue streams during outdoor sales events, trade shows or vendor events, and securely accepts any form of payment including NFC, EMV and mobile wallets.

Expand the Selling Radius

  • Innovate - Enhance operational efficiency and show customers your dedication to innovation, too.
  • Recapture Sales - Save potential lost sales due to long lines and busy periods.
  • Pop-Up Stores - Move beyond the four walls. Capture sales at outdoor promotions and at remote events.
  • Anywhere Transactions - Wherever the customer is ready to check out, you’re ready to securely accept payment.

Tablet Retailing

Provide a valuable point of interaction with mobile retailing software from associates equipped with iPads® or other devices.

Increase Sellable Moments

  • Entertain - Deliver product or service videos or promotional announcements to enhance sales.
  • Save the Sale - Multi-channel sales tool brings eCommerce into the store.
  • Interact - Add a touch point and scale interactions with customers without adding associates.
  • Operations - Deliver training materials and floor sets in real-time to improve efficiency.


Provide highly personalized service with access to customer preferences and purchase history to increase selling opportunities with mobile clienteling. Enable cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Personalized Shopping

  • Engage Customers - Wow customers by providing an innovative, personalized and efficient experience.
  • Cross-Sell and Upsell - Styling is made easy when inventory is compared to customer history, likes and sizes from the touch of a button.
  • Stay Connected - Enhance interaction touch points with constant communication across all channels.
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