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Transportation Management System (TMS)

Our Transportation Management System is a high performing suite of solutions that simplifies, optimizes and reduces cost for every aspect of your transportation network making it the only TMS you will ever need.

We were able to achieve our goal of a 10-15% reduction in freight spend after just six months of live runtime on the system.
Eric Hartman, Senior Director of Logistics, Papa John’s

Complex problems we help you solve:

  • Disparate “siloed” systems requiring excessive integration
  • Contingency planning due to risk and variability in the network
  • Direct-to-home delivery requirements due to competitive pressures
  • Lack of mobility, freight tracking and proof of delivery

Here’s how our TMS gets results:

  • Flexible and scalable SaaS-based, single-tenant or on-premises deployment options
  • “What-if” analysis driven by our transportation modeling tool
  • Inbound and outbound synchronized planning, optimization and execution within one system
  • Dispatch optimization to organize resources and manage capacity
  • Multi-modal, multi-leg management including ocean, rail, intermodal, truck, air, parcel and courier

Our platform-based approach to transportation management gives you complete global control so you can gain freight visibility, plan more effectively and optimize equipment.

Explore our transportation solutions:

Only Manhattan Associates can provide a transportation management system that scales in functionality, scope, architecture and capabilities for the needs of the retailer, wholesaler distributor or manufacturer.

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