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Appointment Scheduling: Transportation Appointment Management

Poor carrier appointment scheduling can create inadequate labor allocation, inefficient loading/unloading, and unnecessary dwell times. As a leader in transportation management systems (TMS) and warehouse management systems (WMS), Manhattan Associates provides a proven carrier appointment scheduling tool that allows motor carriers and suppliers to easily “self-schedule” their warehouse delivery and labor needs. This helps increase productivity and levels workload, stay on schedule, and keep in compliance with U.S. Hours of Service and other government regulations.

Manhattan’s Transportation Appointment Scheduling:

  • Lets carriers and suppliers use an electronic data interchange (EDI) or a web-based interface to self-schedule shipments. This minimizes time-consuming, error-prone communications by email, phone or fax
  • Allows load balancing across shifts to calibrate resource requirements
  • Tracks guard check-in/check-out, measures detention times and monitors load/unload times
  • Helps identify unnecessary “dwell time” and tasks needing improvement
  • Enables carriers to better comply with U.S. Hours of Service, the European Working Time Directive and other government regulations.
  • Reduces the risk of delays, lost productivity and chargebacks

Appointment times and appropriate resource allocations are system-generated and load times are automatically calculated based on required delivery dates, order content, dock capacity, warehouse capacity and labor requirements.

Appointment Scheduling also integrates with Manhattan’s Yard Management to coordinate shipping and receiving processes with carriers at distribution centers. The result: you turn more loads in less time—with fewer delays or chargebacks.

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