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Dispatch Management: Private Fleet Planning and Execution Software

Many shippers use a private or dedicated fleet to reduce logistics costs. Manhattan's Dispatch Management solution creates an intelligent, centralized workflow for these transportation management resources.

With detailed insight into your fleet, our dispatch management software can automatically recommend the optimal driver, tractor and trailer assignment based on availability, HOS, compliance, seniority and service needs. With a holistic view of your transportation shipments and resources, our solution:

  • Optimizes use of private and dedicated fleets
  • Minimizes costs by maximizing utilization of all transportation assets
  • Improves resource utilization through regulatory compliance, scheduling visibility and compatibilities
  • Integrates with OBC (Onboard Computing) solutions for performance updates
  • Manages real-time alerts based on roles and responsibilities

Manhattan’s Dispatch Management solution excels in two particular areas: shipment planning and dispatch. The Shipment Planning function builds loads and recommends resources for those loads. The Dispatch Optimization feature continuously updates resource assignments with the latest information on resources and loads. Both processes use the same advanced technology to create the most efficient result.

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