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Supply Chain Intelligence: SCM Analytics and Business Intelligence

Manhattan Associates' Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) uses powerful data analytics to give you the business intelligence you need to have strategic and actionable insights into your supply chain network. With easy-to-read, customizable reports, you can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) across your entire supply chain—from one intuitive user interface. For critical events, Supply Chain Intelligence will send real-time alerts to your email or to a mobile device, so you can quickly respond to important conditions or exceptions when they occur.

Build your own real-time operational and analytical reports or use the hundreds of predefined reports and metrics to display information appropriate to anyone inside or outside your organization. Here is just a sampling of what you can do with Supply Chain Intelligence:

  • Easily create your own reports using the built-in reporting framework
  • Allow users to personalize reports authored by others (self-service BI)
  • Create alerts to critical business events that need action now
  • Create scorecards that measure and evaluate performance
  • Create role-based permissions and views
  • Distribute information through the web, through Microsoft Office (Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or Word) and to mobile devices (iOS and Android)

Combined with other Manhattan solutions, such as Total Cost to Serve, Supply Chain Visibility and Supply Chain Event Management, Supply Chain Intelligence offers even greater ability to manage your supply chain network efficiently and quickly.

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