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Food: Optimize Operations, Maximize Customer Satisfaction

You need real-time information to keep food and beverages moving through your supply chain quickly, safely and profitably. With tight margins, there's no room for out-of-date food or out-of-favor products. Increased regulation means there's also no tolerance for sloppy record keeping—you need to know where your food and beverages originated and where every bit of it went.

It all paid off extremely quickly. We started seeing improvement four months after implementation.It usually takes three or four times that long—and I have yet to see any limits to the volume we can process. Warehouse Management is the lifeblood of our operation and cornerstone of our growth strategy.
Jim Beck, President/CEO, Nature’s Best

Manhattan Associates' supply chain solutions for the food and beverage industry enable food and beverage manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to respond quickly to changing demands, comply with burgeoning regulations and improve service levels. At the same time, you can enhance profits by reducing transportation costs and speeding deliveries.

Take a Fresh Approach

Manhattan's supply chain solutions for food and beverage companies bring Manhattan SCOPE®: Supply Chain Optimization—Planning through Execution solutions to bear on the problems that keep you up at night:

  • Optimize inbound and outbound logistics with sophisticated Transportation Management solutions
  • Balance supply and demand with Distributed Order Management
  • Track dates, lots and rotation to ensure unique customer requirements are met and food gets out of the warehouse as quickly as possible
  • Obtain visibility across your entire supply chain to maximize efficiency
  • Receive alerts when bottlenecks emerge or exceptions occur so your organization can respond quickly to avert problems
  • Increase throughput with bar code scanning and voice technology, while improving accuracy.
  • Comply with regulatory and vendor requirements
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Fresh: A New Approach to Profits & Perishables

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