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Grocery: Optimized Supply Chains Deliver Fresh Results

Competing trends toward local food and year-round availability of exotic items make grocery supply chains ever more complex. Add increased regulatory requirements for traceability and increased demand and labeling for organic and non-genetically modified foods, and the need for a well integrated grocery supply chain rapidly becomes critical. If you want to capture market share and gain customer loyalty through the provision of the freshest and broadest selections, supply chain and logistics optimization is essential to your market position and perceived value.

In the past, items were often mislabeled. Now we are 99.99% correct on LPNs and receive the right items in our warehouses.” In addition, “we now have the majority of direct labor hours used on a labor standard, which has improved productivity 8-10% in our health and beauty care distribution center.
James Hilzendeger, Director, Giant Eagle

The typically narrow margins of most grocers can't be forgotten in the drive to quickly deliver the best and freshest products. With increased competition from discount super-retailers, grocers find their margins squeezed even more. To compete effectively, you need to optimize product movement to increase inventory turns, reduce warehouse lead time and eliminate surplus inventory from your supply chain.

Manhattan Associates' supply chain solutions for the grocery industry offer the tools you need. With reports and visibility to know where each shipment is, where it originated and whether it is delayed, our grocery supply chain solutions give you the flexibility and information you need to protect your perishables and keep your customers happy. For further integration in the food industry, Manhattan also offers supply chain solutions specifically tailored for Food and Beverage companies.

Balance Your Produce and Profits

Manhattan's SCOPE®: Supply Chain Optimization—Planning through Execution solutions bring together all the tools you need to support your reputation for fresh food, great selection and outstanding service while minimizing costs:

  • Distribution Management: From your suppliers' loading dock to your customer's front door, streamline your distribution process, deliver faster and reduce costs.
  • Transportation Lifecycle Management: Reduce costs, reroute around trouble spots, coordinate deliveries precisely and deliver more, faster, for less money. Connect your transportation network from procurement to delivery.
  • Order Lifecycle Management: Manage the order process efficiently from supplier to customer and back again to save money.
  • Inventory Optimization: Avoid rush charges, express delivery fees, excess inventory and unhappy customers with sophisticated inventory optimization capability.
  • Planning and Forecasting: Anticipate demand—and respond quickly when it changes. Accurately predict inventory requirements for promotions, seasons or store clusters to increase sales, minimize working capital demands and keep customers happy.

Contact a Manhattan representative to learn more about our supply chain solutions specifically designed for the grocery industry.

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