Manhattan Associates Launches New Manhattan Active® Omni Enhancements for Optimised Order Management

Manhattan Associates, a recognised industry leader in Warehouse Management Systems, Transportation Management Systems and Order Management Systems, has today announced the launch of its new Order Management Digital Self-Service capabilities.

Enhanced to deliver superior post purchase experiences, the latest updates offer additional features such as order cancellations, and enriched order tracking and returns. Digital Self-Service has been designed to connect customers to retailers and same-day delivery services at the press of a button.

“With more online orders being place within the eCommerce space than ever before, today’s consumers expect to have full visibility of their order’s progress, as well as a clear, digital-first means of tracking, returning and cancelling online orders,” said Raghav Sibal, Managing Director, ANZ, Manhattan Associates. “With a range of new features built to optimise order management processes for both retailers and consumers, Manhattan Active Omni offers 360-degree control of all orders coming in and out of the warehouse and stores, with advanced capabilities equipped to manage any fulfilment, order, shipping and returns challenge. Built on the Manhattan Active® platform born in the cloud entirely from microservices means that these enhancements are available to all Manhattan Active® Omni customers around the world at the same time.”

Order Cancellations

Previous order cancellation options have been further enhanced in the latest version of Manhattan Active Omni, with improved features to extend the window for order cancellations. Using Digital Self-Service, customers can cancel items that are being shipped to their address from a distribution centre (DC) or a store before the items have been packed. They can do this without having to reach out to the contact centre.

Customers can view which items are eligible for cancellation, select items and reasons for cancellation, and preview their new order total before confirming the cancellation.

Supporting order cancellations and changes as late as possible prevents the situation where a customer wants to cancel an item that has already reached the ‘point of no return’ in the fulfilment process. When these situations occur, it causes friction and frustration for the customer who has to receive and return the item, plus time and cost for the retailer who will often have to absorb the shipping and handling costs for both the shipment and the return.

Order Tracking

With Manhattan Active Omni, customers can now view the status of all items within an order in the Digital Self-Service order tracking page. If an order is shipped in multiple packages, customers can view all tracking details, estimated time of arrival, and the delivery date of each package from a single page. If all items have not been shipped, the customer can view the status of all items, including items which are in in-process or cancelled.

By providing customers with complete order transparency there is less uncertainty around an order’s status, working to substantially reduce customer call volumes to the contact centre to check where an order is.

Returns & Exchanges via QR Codes

Designed to support one of the most prevalent eCommerce challenges, order returns and exchanges, Manhattan Active Omni provides customers who are on the go the option of using a QR code to initiate a return and exchange process via the Digital Self Service page without needing to print a return label. The carrier, post office or retail store scans the QR code initiating the return or exchange. The retailer can also provide the QR code to customers via email creating a seamless returns or exchange process for both the customer and retailer.

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