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2024 Unified Commerce Benchmark

Our 2024 Benchmark for Specialty Retail in Europe is the region's first Unified Commerce benchmark with real purchases, real returns, and real customer journeys across digital and physical channels.

EMEA Exchange 2024, 14-16 October, Barcelona

Join Manhattan, industry professionals, and business partners this October in Barcelona for EMEA Exchange. Unite to share experiences, exchange insights, and ignite inspiration in supply chain and omnichannel commerce.

Solve it with unified cloud solutions

Cloud-native unified commerce

Sell, engage and fulfil anywhere with intelligent promising, optimised fulfilment, customer service and digital self-service within one SaaS unified commerce platform.

Consistent omnichannel experiences

Deliver the same intuitive retail experience in every sales channel at every point along the buyer’s journey—even after the sale.

Connected point of sale software

Empower your retail associates with a cloud-native POS that provides visibility of your entire retail network and a 360-degree profile of every customer interaction with your brand—creating a customised buyer's journey that caters to every omnichannel need.

Seamless inventory and order management

Fulfil customer orders with ease with global inventory visibility, hyper-fast and accurate delivery promising, RFID-enabled store fulfilment and much more.

See everything

Get the most adaptable, configurable, extensible and scalable supply chain planning solution ever created—built entirely on modern microservices architecture—that delivers a holistic view of selling and fulfilment strategies across every channel.

Optimise strategies

Exceed customer expectations with forecasting, replenishment, and allocation solutions designed to maximize inventory investments.

Make smarter decisions

Gain infused machine learning technology that learns and adapts inventory strategies autonomously, senses changes in demand patterns, and self-adjusts the algorithm, reducing the risk of stock outs and overages.

Cloud-native unified supply chain

Ensure fluid, efficient and connected supply chain execution with enterprise-wide unification of distribution, labour, automation, transportation and yard management.

Workforce empowerment

Empower distribution and transportation teams with intuitive workflows and interfaces, optimised pick paths that minimise travel and gamified tasking that maximises efficiency and improves workforce satisfaction.

Coordination of human and machine

Orchestrate every resource in the warehouse simultaneously—including labour, automation and robotics—with the only WES built inside a WMS made to maximise utilisation across all methods of fulfilment.

A foundation for unification

Experience a cloud-native, evergreen and API-first extensible technology platform engineered to handle the most complex supply chain commerce networks and designed to never feel like it.

Smarter supply chain commerce

Computational and behavioural intelligence is infused into every solution using adaptive systems, decision science, data science, gamification and more.

Developer friendly

Take control and build your supply chain commerce future system with extensive knowledgebases and WYSIWYG dev tools that access hundreds of thousands of API endpoints and extension points—enabling you to add, modify or replace any feature or function seamlessly.

Get measurable results

Giant Eagle


Giant Eagle reduced empty miles by 8% with Manhattan’s TMS.

Pet Supplies Plus

500 stores

Pet Supplies Plus achieved optimal omnichannel operations for its 500 store network with Manhattan’s cloud-native WMS.


40k units

PacSun sold roughly 40,000 units per day from all closed store locations during the Pandemic with Manhattan Active Omni's ship-from-store capabilities.

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