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Giant Eagle finds a route to greater efficiency with Manhattan TMS

The Challenge

Fragmentation in transportation technologies—with three disconnected systems —led to disarray in transportation strategy. Varying delivery times for more than 460 stores resulted in decentralized routing, ongoing delivery pressures, inefficiency, and wasted miles.


More than 460 stores

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Solutions Implemented

Giant Eagle consolidated their technology platforms down to a single solution: Manhattan TMS. Optimizing inbound and outbound orders allowed the company to maximize cube, minimize empty miles, and enabled the company to raise service levels with a single application.

Transportation Management

Orchestrate every carrier, rate, route, and load with Manhattan Active® Transportation Management, engineered to adapt and grow with your business needs.

Transportation Procurement

Manhattan Transportation Procurement allows you to determine the ideal combination of carriers and balance price against other factors such as capacity, service, and quality.

Progress & Results

Manhattan TMS helped Giant Eagle reduce empty miles by 8% and total miles by 7.7% through optimized delivery schedules, improve cube by 7%, and filled available capacity with backhauls which improved load utilization and lowered inbound costs.

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Manhattan TMS enabled Giant Eagle to focus on cube and routing, resulting in a reduction of overall miles driven.

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