Unified Commerce for Specialty Retail in Singapore

Executing unified commerce experiences for consumers in Singapore requires retailers to adhere to diverse retail realities in the market, including:

  • Providing omnichannel offerings that adapt to both young, tech-savvy shoppers and older consumers
  • Balancing compliance and customer experiences by creating experiences that respect privacy and ethical practices while delivering personalisation and efficiency
  • Aligning value propositions with the purchasing power and priorities of different consumer segments

The 2024 Unified Commerce Benchmark for Specialty Retail is the industry’s first Unified Commerce benchmark with real purchases, real returns and real customer journeys across digital and physical channels. The findings detail 33 retailers benchmarked in Singapore studying 290 customer experience capabilities tested across four capability areas (Search & Discovery, Cart & Checkout, Promising & Fulfilment, and Service & Support).

Retailers in Singapore can utilise insights found in this benchmark to see how their unified commerce capabilities stack up against market trends and consumer expectations with data on how Singapore’s retail leaders differentiate themselves from non-leaders in the industry. Findings in the benchmark include:

Retailers are recognising the need to transcend conventional offerings


of shoppers consider customer reviews as one of the leading purchase influencers


prefer online shopping due to seamless customer service


of leaders show inventory visibility on product pages


of leaders have ratings and reviews for specific product dimensions

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