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Transportation Planning, Optimization, and Execution

In the last few years, there have been tremendous shifts in supply chain fulfillment methods, distribution channels, and customer expectations. The modern supply chain network should be optimized, with a high degree of efficiency for meeting customer delivery needs. Much of these changes have been powered by advancements in connected commerce technology, ongoing globalization of new market opportunities, and speed. Yesterday’s supply chain has evolved, and transportation has to adapt to keep pace with the complexities of the new ecosystems.

Like consumers, the expectations for commercial customers have changed. Both expect a frictionless user experience that requires an arsenal of delivery capabilities and strategies to handle the rising swell of orders. Today’s transportation battleground must put a much higher emphasis on meeting growing demands for speed, visibility, reliability, and above all convenience.

Consumer Behaviors Influence Commercial Delivery Expectations

To nurture a lasting relationship with consumers, transportation and logistics managers must focus on fostering trust and building a reputation for reliable service. Manhattan's TMS is a powerful, scalable, and connectable solution suite with rapid implementation capabilities that offer transportation planning, optimization, and execution technology. Its functional breadth and depth for operational and tactical planning, execution, settlement, and optimization are highly rated by leading analyst firms. We provide transportation and logistics managers with multi-modal inbound and outbound capabilities to create value within the supply chain and transportation network.

Whether you are looking to centralize or digitize transportation management processes, improve collaboration with partners, or optimize your entire transportation network, Manhattan's TMS provides efficiencies and visibility for today’s transportation challenges. As a result, our customers are able to support the nuances of their operations while reaping the benefits of a single transportation management solution.

Key Benefits of Manhattan Transportation Planning, Optimization, and Execution Solution

Features + Functions

  • Consolidate orders to build efficient shipments
  • Optimize all modes of transportation, including ocean, rail, intermodal, truck, air, and parcel-based on rates, asset availability, and other business constraints
  • Execute dynamic or static routing requirements
  • Manage continuous moves, backhauls, and cross-docks
  • Support carrier and supplier compliance programs and guidelines
  • Enhance trading partner collaboration and communication
  • Accommodate visibility, alerting, tracking, and tracing needs
  • Manage internal and external appointment scheduling
  • Share visibility of proof of delivery
  • Provide granular visibility and task-based control of yard operations

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