Unified Control

To be most effective, supervisors need a single tool that delivers access to detailed, real-time, data visualizations with the ability to take action on that information in the office or on the floor.

Command and Control

Unified Control delivers a striking visual experience that starts with a network-wide summary of performance across all distribution nodes and hubs across the organization. Key metrics are displayed for the entire supply chain or for selected facilities.

Users can quickly drill down to a facility-level view that displays overall inbound status based on advanced ship notice (ASN) data and outbound status based on orders, along with each user logged into every department and their current performance against goals.

Performance for each department is available, where the user can drill down into key equipment metrics such as utilization, performance, and dwell time. When appropriate, notifications alert users to exception areas such as outbound orders that may be at risk due when a carrier cutoff time is drawing near.

Supervisors can get a closer look at key departments showing lower-than-expected performance with a simple tap, revealing details on what the issue may be, as well as the underlying tasks. With a simple tap, actions such as releasing a task or reassigning a task to a different user is simple to accomplish.

Additionally, a supervisor can view employee timelines or log an observation or interaction with a team member – without ever leaving the Unified Control experience.

And should a supervisor need to find a particular employee, a digital twin of the warehouse in map form provides visibility not only into where all resources are, but the ability to interact with elements directly via the map such as people, equipment, and tasks.

Unified Control is complete command and control of the distribution network from the highest levels down to the smallest data elements.

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