At Manhattan Associates, we have invested in innovation to develop systems capable of providing manufacturers, distributors and retailers an agile path to the future.


Manhattan Active Technology is the culmination of that effort and the foundation of future systems like Manhattan Active Omni, Manhattan Active Warehouse Management and Manhattan Active Allocation.

All Manhattan Active solutions are cloud native and designed entirely from microservices, and they automatically scale to meet performance demands. They are completely extensible at the data, services and interface level, and they are versionless, receiving continuous access to new innovation in regular releases.

And they never need upgrading, so they are the last solutions you will ever buy.

Microservice Architecture Diagram & Functional Framework


Manhattan Active solutions are always on the current version, which means never having to upgrade again. There is no scheduled downtime for major upgrades. Just imagine the kind of human and capital resources expended on a significant upgrade of enterprise or supply chain software. Our clients are able to repurpose all that energy and cost toward creating better experiences for their customers and their associates.


Because the platform is cloud native, the architecture is entirely composed of microservices. When the system needs more volume for particular services, it automatically increases the number of containers activated for that specific capability.


With Manhattan Active solutions, extensibility is fundamental. Clients are able to create extensions at every level of the platform – the data model, services and even the user interface – without any effect to the base solution.

Manhattan Active solutions are the first future systems for commerce and the supply chain, to ensure the next solution you buy, will also be the last you ever buy.

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