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The big interview with Manhattan Associates SVP of Product Management, Brian Kinsella, and Bloomberg Radio as they discuss the supply chain challenges facing the supply chain industry.
Are grocery orders really that time-sensitive? And how financially sustainable is this model? In this blog we delve into some of these topics and explore what 2022 might bring.
Learn more about the three mega trends predicated for 2022. Agility and predictability, customer experience and empowering employees.
Manhattan Associates’ annual supply chain and omnichannel customer event reveals cloud-native milestone to provide end-to-end omnichannel capabilities
Manhattan Associates’ Managing Director, UK and Ireland, reveals the big tech trends to manage risk, build resilience and recovery in 2021.
Microservices give companies the ability to change and redeploy technology supporting a supply chain’s specific operational need at the moment it is needed.
Adaptability in retail is no longer a luxury, it’s a survival trait. Technology is the key to meeting customer expectations and situational demands.
New technology can help you navigate the new retail reality. Manhattan has new capabilities to meet today’s operational and customer demands.
The current crisis is wreaking havoc on inventory demand patterns. Here’s how our customers are handling the rapid changes and planning for the future.
What steps are being taken to keep the workforce safe in the warehouse? And how might some changes have lasting effects on labor in the future?

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