Don't give your customer great experiences, give them their experiences

The types of experiences your customers want are as varied as their personalities. Perhaps your customer’s idea of a great experience is a high-touch, intimate encounter with your brand. She rewards you with repeat business because your staff can predict what she wants and recommend meaningful items based on what she has previously purchased.

Another customer may seek convenience, coming back again and again because you make his busy life easier. Serving him takes a highly choreographed approach that seamlessly joins the physical store, online and mobile channels, with a spectrum of fulfilment options ranging from same-day collection to home delivery. And let us not forget the customer who wants to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible and will not hesitate to leave if there is a long queue at the checkout.

VIDEO: Conversations of Commerce (1:50)

The Manhattan ActiveTM Omni suite is the first of its kind, engineered for an omnichannel world, and built to deliver on the customer experience promise. Born in the cloud, Manhattan Active Omni is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services that is always current and fully extensible.

With Manhattan Active Omni, we have shattered the boundaries between channels. Capabilities are now universal, available to any team member, in any location, at any time—with one application. Need to understand how one of your stores is performing in real time from an Android tablet? You can do that. Want to choose a Twitter hashtag for your contact centre reps to monitor engagement opportunities on your Windows desktop? You can do that. Yearning to pull out an iOS device to cross-sell to a store pick-up customer and check him out as well? You can do that, too.

Manhattan Active Omni gives your team command of every aspect of omnichannel operations—at headquarters, in the contact centre or in store. Everyone has the same holistic view of customers and their transactions, regardless of channel, with built-in case management, social listening and communication capabilities. Fine-grained tools for stock visibility and availability across the enterprise keep every customer satisfied and coming back. Store features such as point of sale, clienteling and fulfilment actions are available in a mobile app or via a web browser. And because our Omni solutions are cloud-native, you get the newest features as soon as they are available, with automated scaling for peak demand; allowing you to continue innovating when your competitors are locking down their systems for the Christmas season.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers