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Staying active requires a flexible approach in which enterprises can take advantage of the newest technology, quickly. To achieve a faster pace and support constant innovation, Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions are designed to be adaptable. Available across a variety of deployment options—public cloud, private cloud, managed/hosted, multi-tenant or on-premises—these solutions serve a broad range of needs, capabilities and budgets. With options to receive annual upgrades, you can implement the next version of an application each year to take advantage of new features and functions. Our Manhattan Active WM service provides annual upgrades, both on premises and in the cloud, including the option to automatically migrate customised extensions.


Manhattan Active Supply Chain allows you to innovate and optimise complex distribution and transportation operations with actionable visibility across the network. Purpose-built features are tailored for a range of industries, including food distribution and grocery, retail, life sciences, apparel and footwear, high-tech electronics, third-party logistics and more.

Manhattan ActiveTM

Manhattan’s Active Supply Chain allows you to boost warehouse productivity, equipment efficiency and employee engagement, with the responsiveness to adapt to expected or unexpected demand increases and decreases.

With distribution centre technology that’s as easy to use and as flexible as an app on a smartphone, you can get employees up to speed faster and empower managers and supervisors be more effective.

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Manhattan ActiveTM
Enterprise Management

Serving your end customers in whatever way they choose has become the 'new normal' in brand protection. To that end, the importance of bridging functional gaps between warehousing, transportation and the extended enterprise continues to be a critical link in the supply chain. Clearly the convergence of processes among internal teams and external trading partners allows for more responsive operations and real-time visibility, and lays a foundation for increased profitability.

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