The most valuable commodity for most people today is not money, it is time. Your customers value service quality and convenience more than price, and as an industry we are striving to provide exceptional experiences. Seventy-two percent of businesses say that improving the customer experience is their top priority, and yet companies are still leaving over sixty billion dollars on the table each year due to poor service levels. Great customer service is about understanding what causes your customers pain,and taking it away.

When the majority of all orders are digitally influenced, consumers should have the answers to questions like, “Where is my order?” at their fingertips. But when they need real help, they want to talk to you. And your service agents need easy-to-use tools and access to that customer’s transaction data to make those interactions smooth and fast. When you do it right, the contact center creates excellent opportunities to make lasting impressions on those customers reaching out with complex questions.

Contact Centre gives your customer service associates the information and capabilities necessary to create indelible omnichannel experiences—right at their fingertips. When it comes to service, the way to create loyal customers is by helping them solve their problems quickly and easily; and with Manhattan Contact Centre, you can do just that.

Features + Functions
  • Create fast and easy access to a customer’s most recent transactions originating from any channel
  • See one view of supply and demand across channels
  • Reduce inquiry call times with the most requested order and return-related information in fewer clicks
  • Capture sales with robust item search and product info features
  • Offer pricing, promotions, taxes, and payment processing
  • Enable customer modifications to any attribute of the order
  • Gate and monitor access across various user roles for functions like appeasements, returns, etc.
  • Provide customer order status inquiry, returns, and exchanges with embedded self-service console for digital commerce
  • Switch between customer orders, returns, and exchanges
  • Support returns and even/uneven exchanges across channels
  • Give support associates options for multiple delivery methods like ship to address, pick up in store, and ship to store
  • Leverage store locater and store-level inventory visibility
  • Expand with a flexible and easily extensible UI
  • Maximise legacy investments with RESTful API architecture
  • Integrate seamlessly with Customer Engagement for social communication and customer insight

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers