Enable your customer teams to take the next step

Customers believe that they have a relationship with you after they have shopped with you. They want to be recognised by you, and they want to feel as valuable to you as you are to them. They want to be appreciated and listened to—are you there for them when they need you?

Customer Engagement gives staffs and customer service professionals the tools they need to see the complete picture of the customer, their preferences and their tendencies, as well as the opportunity to provide them with brand-defining experiences that will keep them coming back again and again.

The question retailers should ask themselves is not, 'Do I know my customer?' but rather, 'Does what I know about my customer help me to ensure my promise to her is fulfilled?'

Customer Engagement was designed to help retailers listen to when, where and how their customers speak and to observe how they shop. Customer Engagement combines unstructured insight, like social conversations, within the same view as the real-time customer order, transaction history and tendency data.

As part of Manhattan ActiveTM Omni, Customer Engagement is intrinsically connected to the rest of the suite, like Enterprise Order Management, so when potential issues arise during the buying journey, they are automatically exposed within the context of a customer’s history with the retailer. Issues can then be corrected before they become problems.

Features + Functions
  • Resolve issues quickly using an advanced case management and escalation framework
  • Unify customer engagement tools that are deployable on any device or OS
  • Listen to social networks with communication capabilities for customer dialogue
  • Integrate preferences and history of experiences natively to the ordering and customer system of record
  • Detect issues using predictive notifications from order management to initiate cases
  • Expose lifetime spend, purchase tendency, social insights and intelligent alerts to maximise customer interactions
  • Improve performance through a unified agent dashboard with a consolidated view of their team performance across communication channels
  • React quickly to trending events within the business that are related to customer, staff, store or items
  • Listen to, respond to and engage with customers across social channels to provide a more proactive customer service
  • Provide a view of customers’ previous interactions and transactions across channels along with open cases for that customer
  • Reduce customer friction with out-of-the-box telephony integration, automatically exposing the customer dashboard for incoming calls and capabilities such as transfer, hold, conference call and call wrap
  • Receive and process inbound emails, chats and social requests, and respond to them in the native channel

Cloud-native, responsive and always current, Customer Engagement helps retailers to ensure exceptional experiences through actionable insight and predictive analytics built directly into the solution, to intelligently engage their customers at any step of the shopping journey

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers