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Cloud-native unified commerce

Omnichannel retail means a common experience anywhere along the customer journey, regardless of shopping online or in brick-and-mortar stores or how the consumer decides to engage with a brand. One unified experience.


From B2B to B2C to B2B2C, the retail industry is scrambling to adapt to a reality in which nearly every order is digitally influenced, and agility means the difference between obsolescence and excellence. The convergence of physical and digital in modern shopping experiences is complete and that means every retailer needs the agility to sell, engage and fulfill anywhere and everywhere.

Omnichannel Retail Solution


But how does most of the industry deliver omnichannel solutions to help offer the best possible shopping experience? Completely separate systems for order orchestration, customer service, point of sale, store fulfillment and so on. Different architectures, different interfaces, different version release schedules, and performance capabilities.

Unfortunately, legacy technology architectures and omnichannel solutions are incapable of truly unifying omnichannel processes like global promotions, inventory promising, order orchestration and in-store selling in the modern world. They are limited by large monolithic databases, customizations that must be duplicated over and over for every upgrade, and an untenable number of integrations that leave organizations in eternal testing purgatory.


But Manhattan Omnichannel software solutions deliver a unified approach to selling, engagement and fulfillment in a single cloud-native app, it is the only solution with the flexibility and scalability to profitably deliver on the promise of omnichannel customer experiences. Born in the cloud, Manhattan Active Omni is a modern omnichannel software solution of order management, inventory, fulfillment, customer engagement and point of sale solutions that is always current and fully extensible.


Shattering the boundaries between channels, capabilities are now universal, available to any team member, in any location, at any time in one omnichannel solutions app. Manhattan Active Omni delivers command and control of every aspect of the omnichannel retail experience. At headquarters, in the contact center or in the store, everyone now has the same holistic view of customers, inventory, orders, pickups, returns, and more, regardless of role, location or channel.

  • Selling, engagement & fulfillment in a single app
  • Single experience on any device form factor
  • Shared composable microservices components


Omnichannel Retail Solution


Manhattan Active solutions are uniquely architected to unify commerce and supply chain experiences.

They are cloud-native, composed entirely of discrete functional components that eliminate the need to duplicate capability or duplicate data called microservices. Every single Manhattan omnichannel software solution shares the same composable microservices components. They never need upgrading and they are extensible, which allows industry organizations to plug in their own innovation, without impacting future updates or scalability.


The most agile technology platform in the industry means never being forced to juggle updates, upgrades, and modifications across multiple applications in search of exceptional customer experiences, ever again.

This is Manhattan Active technology, and it is what makes unified commerce possible.

  • Never upgrade again
  • Continuous updates
  • Easily extensible
  • Scalable and resilient

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Resilient cloud-native store selling and engagement on any form factor, with global promotions and omnichannel cart support.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Real-time insights into how, when and where customers want to shop and communicate with your brand.

Order Management

Order Management

Globally optimized visibility, promising and fulfillment, with omnichannel customer service.

Store Inventory & Fulfillment

Store Inventory & Fulfillment

Robust, DC-quality inventory management and BOPIS, BORIS, ship from store and contactless curbside fulfillment.

<h2>SELL ANYWHERE</h2> <p>To compete effectively in today's brick-and-mortar retail environment, merchants need an engagement platform that helps store associates get ahead of their connected customers. Manhattan Point of Sale (POS) supports deployments anywhere — in the store, on traditional Windows terminals or on mobile iOS and Android devices — using the same responsive interface in all form factors and mobile devices.</p>

Sell Anywhere - Traditional and Digital Channels


Whether an online store, permanent stores or pop-up locations, high-touch service or high-traffic volume, Manhattan Point of Sale ensures associates never miss an opportunity to engage where their customers shop. And because it is built on resilient cloud technology, when the network goes down, Manhattan Active Omni delivers off-line operation with full checkout support, including pricing and promotions.


It is the only cloud-based point of sale available with Resilient Cloud technology, ensuring all the benefits of a modern cloud POS without the impact to sales operations if the network falters.

  • In-app replication of select components in the store
  • Instant detection of network disconnects
  • Automatic re-sync when connection is restored
  • Only POS with resilient cloud technology


In-store Sales on Mobile Device


Manhattan Active Omni manages the entire life cycle of omnichannel promotions and discounts across all channels within one or across multiple channels and brands. Calculations of deals for selling carts, sales receipts and sales posting are delivered by a single enterprise promotions component that includes seamless integration with any third-party commerce, sales data systems and marketing solutions through REST APIs.


Omnicart and enterprise promotions capabilities are seamlessly integrated to every selling environment across all online channels as well as traditional retail channels like the store. When a customer arrives to pick up an online order, they can add an additional item to the original order and Manhattan Active Omni will automatically apply the best possible promotion.

In every case, the customer experience is maximized with minimal effort from the retail associate. Promotions can coordinate non-Manhattan commerce systems and third-party endpoints.

  • Automatically execute offers and automated promotions
  • Define event horizons and assign deals
  • Enable exclusive, customer-targeted offers
  • Comprehensive view of deal calculations
<h2>ENGAGE ANYWHERE</h2> <p>While consumer expectations of purchasing and delivery expand, customer service is arguably the most important piece to get right. Fundamentally, the way omnichannel retailing approaches customer service must change, moving from a goal of resolving issues to a mandate of ensuring exceptional experiences.</p>

Engage Anywhere - Traditional and Digital Channels


Millennial and Gen-Z consumers have become an emerging force in commerce, often preferring to engage digitally with their favorite brands. Self-service can also significantly the reduce up to $22 million in online services costs each year for the average retailer.


Digital Self-Service and Virtual Assistant Support technology within Manhattan Active Omni allows consumers to inquire, adjust and recast their experience immediately. Beyond reducing friction for customer inquiries, this also helps lower costs and free dedicated support from performing tasks that many consumers would rather manage themselves.


Now, post-purchase support for consumers is as easy as saying “Alexa, where’s my order?” or simply opening their e-mail confirmation to initiate a return, extend a pickup window, cancel an order, or even request a callback from customer support. As the way consumers shop evolves, leading retailers are delivering customer service experiences to lock in loyalty and value.

  • In-app replication of select components in the store
  • Instant detection of network disconnects
  • Automatic re-sync when connection is restored
  • Only POS with resilient cloud technology---
<h2>FULFILL ANYWHERE</h2> <p>The ability to manage the entire life cycle of inbound and outbound customer transactions, regardless of channel has become paramount. The world's leading retailers rely on Manhattan Active Order Management to orchestrate and optimize the complete, end-to-end life cycle of an order, from promising to curbside pickup and inventory receiving to ship from store delivery.</p>

Omnichannel Software Leader


Manhattan Associates was recognized by Forrester Research as the ONLY leader in the 2023 Forrester Wave for Order Management.

Manhattan Active Order Management scored highest in solution architecture, enterprise inventory management, pre-purchase customer experience and fulfillment. Manhattan was also recognized with the highest overall score for strategy and current offering.

  • Highest rated for strategy and current offering
  • Highest score for solution architecture
  • Highest score for enterprise inventory and fulfillment
  • Highest score for pre-purchase customer experience

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