Enterprise Inventory provides a powerful, real-time view of perpetual stock across every fulfilment location in the enterprise, including in-transit, on-order and third-party owned/fulfilled stock. By aggregating global stock data across their fulfilment network, retailers can maximise the opportunities to convert via all selling channels. Know where every item is in your network, all the time.

Features + Functions
  • See all on-hand, in-transit and on-order stock at the distribution centre (DC), stores and with suppliers in real time

  • Disposition any stock, whether defective, damaged or for another reason
  • Segment store stock into back-room, on-the-floor and more
  • Use a standard event to publish stock events and synchronise stock positions across the network and external applications in real time
  • Virtualise the division of on-hand stock across multiple channels, maintaining a single pool at the DC
  • Use single, consolidated purchase orders across channels
  • Manage on-order and in-transit stock by channel or usage

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