Forecasting and Replenishment Reviews
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If I had to point to the single greatest opportunity for gross margin expansion, it will be the deployment of inventory optimization..."
Steven L. Spinner, United Natural Foods, Inc.
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Inventory Optimization makes it a lot easier for the inside customer service department so they’re not having to hear ‘you’re always out of stock’… we don’t hear that to the same degree."
Russell Parker, Senior Vice President of Procurement, Nature's Best
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Our previous system didn’t distinguish between inventory on the floor and inventory in the back room. Now, we run lean-time replenishment several times a day to restock the floor based on near real-time inventory updates. Store associates can access the system to locate inventory and better serve our customers."
James Landsman, Project Manager, Cabela's
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Replenishment is just one part of an integrated suite of solutions from Manhattan that will give us the supply chain planning and execution capabilities we’re looking for to move us toward our goal of being a true world-class multi-channel retailer."
Mark Holmes, Vice President of IS and Liquidations, Orvis Company
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Inventory management by definition is a very tactical view of the world. Trying to turn that and make that strategic really is a game changer for us. We’re doing a lot more with a lot less."
Kerry Porter, Vice President of Inventory Management, Harvard Drug Group, LLC
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Manhattan Associates’ Demand Forecasting and Replenishment solutions have not only allowed us to reduce inventory; they are enabling us to better understand the value of our stock-holding position at any moment in time. Furthermore, the process improvements we have seen are allowing us to significantly improve productivity."
Derek Terrell, Wholesale Project Manager, Alliance Boots

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