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O Papel da Gestão do Supply Chain Para o Sucesso da Martin Brower

O WMS e a gestão de mão de obra da parceria entre a Martin Brower e a Manhattan Associates

Martin Brower became a subsidiary of Reyes Holdings, LLC in 1997 and is one of its three divisions. Reyes Holdings has more than 14,000 employees and 100 distribution centers worldwide. Reyes Holdings ranks 14th in the list of North American private companies and, with its confidence in us, we have been able to take the "total supply" model to a new level of efficiency.

As the main supply chain branch of the largest fast food chain in the world, Martin Brower relies heavily on its supply chain partners to exceed food safety standards while maximizing the company's profitability. The key elements to ensure the success of MB are attributed to the ability of your WMS systems and manpower management.

Aiming to take the lead in the industry for food safety and location, Martin Brower partnered with Manhattan Associates to develop a tailor-made warehouse management system, capturing all tracking and locating information in an automated manner.

Printed with permission from Supply Chain World

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