Today's Logistics Challenges Call for a Modern Transportation Solution

Drive more agile, more unified operations with Manhattan Active® Transportation Management.

A TMS That Makes Your Supply Chain Systems Unstoppable

More Than an Industry-Leader. A Competitive Advantage.

Our cloud-native TMS is engineered to thrive in today’s complex, ever-changing supply chain environment.

100% Microservices

  • The cloud-native Manhattan Active® Platform, supported by Google Cloud, is API-based and battle-tested, giving you peace of mind.
  • Unmatched adaptability with “no code, low code, your code” tools to configure, extend, and integrate as you see fit.
  • Ultimate flexibility to accommodate any level of “buy vs. build” strategy your organization wants to take.

Always Current

  • Automatic deployments eliminate the need for extensive testing before upgrades and to worry about broken extensions.
  • New capabilities are added every 90 days, so your operation gets fast, easy, and ongoing access to innovation.
  • Manhattan's own product team provides expert support and personalized solutions.


  • Manhattan Active Transportation Management automatically scales up or down to meet demand as needed.
  • Sophisticated autoscaling alleviates the burden on IT resources to ensure the software is ready for critical periods.
  • Application performance remains constantly high, even during the most demanding peak instances.


  • A rich set of APIs allows fast, simple integration into your broader technology ecosystem.
  • Manhattan offers the most extensible core application available compared to top competitors.
  • Groundbreaking developer tools allow your team to extend, customize, and manage the database, APIs, and user interfaces.


  • Constant monitoring and alert systems protect data and ensure unsurpassed resiliency.
  • Incidents are detected as fast as possible, sometimes before they even occur.
  • Self-healing properties maintain application integrity without the need for IT intervention.

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