Manhattan Active® Supply Chain Planning

Continuous and collaborative planning across inventory, labor, distribution, and transportation.

Unified Business Planning Has Arrived

Introducing Manhattan Active® Supply Chain Planning—the newest addition to the Manhattan Active® platform, launching in Fall 2024.

It unites with Manhattan Active® Omni and Manhattan Active® Supply Chain Execution to create the first truly unified business planning solution on a microservice API, cloud-native platform. Manhattan Active Supply Chain Planning marks a new era in strategic enterprise planning by continuously optimizing inventory, orders, labor, distribution, and transportation to a single plan across the entire enterprise.

Unpacking the Surging Need for Unified Supply Chain Planning



Fast, Free & All About Me

Known as the blue dot generation, we as consumers sit at the center of our digital universe, expecting instant purchases—from cookies to TVs—delivered right to our doorsteps. Modern supply chain systems must keep pace, ensuring inventory is available to the customer whenever and wherever they need it.

Data, Data Everywhere

There is more digital, demand-shaping data coming from more places than ever before. Modern supply chain planning solutions must consider tremendous amounts of data from both inside and outside the organization and must possess the computational AI power to consume it in real-time.

Pushing the Envelope

The best omnichannel and supply chain execution systems in the world can’t help if the inventory is too little, too late, or in the wrong place. The speed of operations today means legacy planning processes like S&OP and even S&OE are too slow and disconnected from the execution.

Unified Business Planning

Uncover the only solution that offers unified, bi-directional, and continuous coordination across WMS, TMS, and OMS. This innovative approach allows for constant planning and realignment of inventories, labor, transportation, and facilities within a single shared plan. Our platform ensures cohesive and strategic optimization by aligning resources and systems to common goals and KPIs, avoiding conflicting actions, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Unified Supply Chain Planning

Experience the only solution that integrates demand forecasting, replenishment, and allocation on a singular cloud-native platform. This unified approach facilitates the seamless integration of external trend data with internal historical patterns, enhancing decision-making with AI-driven computational intelligence that optimizes your supply chain planning.

Modern Technology & Experiences

Discover the only solution that integrates every major component of supply chain commerce into a single cloud-native platform. Engineered for extensibility with updates every 90 days, it offers a unified and intuitive user experience across all planning activities, ensuring your supply chain stays at the cutting edge of technology and efficiency.

Finally, A Unified Platform

Manhattan Active Supply Chain Planning is the culmination of a 10-year journey and a billion dollars of R&D investment to unify supply chain commerce. The unification of omnichannel commerce, supply chain execution, and now supply chain planning connects every dot from supply to shelf. 

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