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Empower store associates with Manhattan Active® Point of Sale, a POS built to turn the store into an experiential showroom, customer service center, and neighborhood fulfillment point—with the ability to help associates sell, fulfill, and engage anywhere, all from one app.

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POS is the Heartbeat of Your Store

Customize Their Experience

Personalize service with virtual fitting rooms, omnichannel interactions, and more.

Continuous Engagement

Manhattan’s point of sale solution ensures continuous engagement via two-way messaging between customers and associates.

Adapt to Customer Needs

See trends, preferences, and tendencies derived from real-time operational data.

One Singular Experience

Support unique store needs and preferences with an extensible user interface that operates in the same solution and provides the same user experience for selling, engagement, and fulfillment.

Real-Time Insights

See customer, back office, and management data with interactive dashboards.

Accelerate Sale Processing

Administer faster checkouts and easier returns with RFID support.

Run on Any Device

Run your point of sale system from any device, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Personalize Every Experience

Support unique store needs and preferences with an extensible user interface that operates in the same solution and user experience for selling, engagement, and fulfillment.

Works Offline

Get the no-downtime benefits of resilient cloud technology.

Convenient Endless Aisles and Flexible Payment Options

Save every sale with endless aisle visibility across the entire enterprise and global flexible payment capabilities.

Improved Clienteling

Data-rich customer insights boost your store associates' clienteling capabilities.

Enterprise Product Catalog and Omnicart Data

Manage orders from any channel and access the entire product catalog—including item details and images—from any point along the buyer’s journey with Manhattan’s point of sale solution.

One App for Everything POS

Manhattan’s point of sale software offers a single user experience, regardless of device or operating system.

The Manhattan Active® Platform

A cloud-native, evergreen, and extensible foundation engineered to handle the most complex supply chain networks in the world.

Composable Microservices

API-first architecture with automated scalability, resiliency, and availability. Every component is part of a shared application platform.

Innovation Independence

Our low code, no code, your code development strategy means you pick what method of configuration and customization works best for you—with as much support as you want or need.

Continuous Updates

Every 90 days, all Manhattan Active solutions automatically receive new features and enhancements.

Fulfill Your Potential With Manhattan

Chief Digital Officers

Execute digital initiatives profitably and unify the digital and in-store customer experience with Manhattan Active Point of Sale. Our solution capabilities will enable you to:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Secure differentiated value and revenue growth
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Empower your store associates

Director of Store Operations

Transform your store operations with a single solutions for all omnichannel store experiences for customers and associates with Manhattan Active Point of Sale. Your store will benefit from:

  • Visibility to inventory in any location
  • Omnicart checkout support
  • All customer interactions and transactions

IT Manager

Never upgrade your point of sale again with Manhattan Active Point of Sale’s cloud-native architecture that's evergreen, scalable, and resilient, even when the network is compromised. Our best-in-class solutions feature:

  • Resilient cloud technology
  • Updates and features every 90 days
  • Extensible API microservices




What you’ll need to know about Point of Sale software. Don't forget, you can always read our article 'What is Point of Sale and Point of Sale Systems' should you need more info.

A software solution that retailers use to manage and process sales across multiple channels.

Omnichannel POS provides real-time data, inventory management, customer relationship management, payment gateway integration, analytics, and reporting.

The role of a retail store associate has become more complex with changes in technology and customer expectation.

Today, an associate’s responsibilities may extend across sales, customer service, product knowledge, recommendations, inventory, fulfillment, promotions, and social media.

Because today’s customers have higher expectations.

Customers now expect to control the buying journey—deciding when, where, and how to purchase and return—but they still expect to be appreciated the moment they walk into the store.

A cloud-based POS system is hosted on remote servers and accessed through the internet.

Its advantages over traditional, on-premises systems include accessibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, automatic updates, advanced security, data backup and recovery, and easy integration with other systems.

Faster and Easier Than Ever to Connect

Manhattan Active Platform technology makes it faster and easier than ever to connect to existing systems, valued partners, and new services. To make it even easier, we’ve already integrated Manhattan Active Solutions into industry-leading solutions for everything from inventory visibility and autonomous mobile robots to payments, fraud, and search engine shopping, just to name a few. It’s your supply chain commerce ecosystem. Unified.

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