Yard Management

Unify yard operations, boost efficiency, and enhance visibility with Manhattan Active® Yard Management—a solution that allows you to adjust to unexpected situations and uncover opportunities for performance optimization and cost savings.

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Unlock New Levels of Efficiency and Control

Unify Everything in the Yard

Leverage the synergy between Manhattan Active Warehouse and Transportation Management by adding a yard management solution that unveils untapped opportunities for improved operational agility and efficiency.

Enhance Yard Visibility

View graphical representations of dock and yard spaces with groundbreaking yard visibility UI and see all inbound/outbound processes.

Get Valuable Insights

Access real-time insights into dock doors, yard positions, and trailer locations.

Smarter Trailer Selection

Utilize intelligent trailer prioritization and assignment to dock doors.

Reduced Warehouse Inefficiencies

Focus on reducing warehouse travel, avoiding warehouse shortages, and enabling optimal cross-dock operations.

Synced With Warehouse Operations

Synchronize door and trailer assignments with warehouse activities.

Best Outcome Automation

Ensure optimal yard moves and trailer utilization.

Easier Pre-Receipt Allocation

Simple inbound cross-dock and flow-through processing.

Adaptable Pre-Receipt Allocation

Configurate automation approaches for live vs. drop loads.

Unmatched Yard Visibility UI

Groundbreaking yard visibility UI provides a graphical representation of the dock and yard space, offering insights never before possible—with visibility into each dock door and yard position, the trailers at each location, pending arrivals, and the content of those trailers.

Advanced Trailer Selection

Effectively prioritize and assign trailers to dock doors for execution with advanced trailer determination mechanisms.

Ergonomic Cubing

Manhattan Active Yard Management offers numerous configurable cubing options to meet diverse business requirements—including enhancing the user experience and improving safety measures. Our ergonomic cubing method avoids potentially hazardous situations and evenly distributes weight across oLPN’s, providing greater opportunities for cubing out to volume rather than weight.

Operate in Perfect Symphony

Yard unification delivers differentiated solution capabilities that are impossible in legacy or standalone solutions. Manhattan Active Yard Management unifies the yard with the entire Manhattan Active Supply Chain suite to provide a sophisticated, yet intuitive platform for optimizing yard operations, all in a single app.

The Manhattan Active® Platform

A cloud-native, evergreen, and extensible foundation engineered to handle the most complex supply chain networks in the world.

Composable Microservices

API-first architecture with automated scalability, resiliency, and availability. Every component is part of a shared application platform.

Innovation Independence

Our low code, no code, your code development strategy means you pick what method of configuration and customization works best for you—with as much support as you want or need.

Continuous Updates

Every 90 days, all Manhattan Active solutions automatically receive new features and enhancements.

Mastering the Crossroads of Supply Chain Efficiency

Everything You Need to Know About Yard Management

For all the info you need to know about yard management systems—including how to maximize supply chain efficiency with essential yard management insights on key components, benefits, and optimal system integration—read our article on What is Yard Management?


What you'll need to know about yard management.

The yard is an area of the supply chain where the transition from producing and packaging to transporting goods from a warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility to its desired selling location occurs. It is where the inbound and outbound processing of goods in a business’s supply chain network takes place. 

A yard management system (YMS) organizes, oversees, tracks, and manages all activities in the yard of a distribution center or warehouse. It is used to optimize, automate, and support the workflow of inbound and outbound processes in the yard with capabilities that provide better planning, visibility into dock door scheduling, and tracked movement of trucks, trailers, and containers in the yard.

Manhattan Active Yard Management builds upon the robust yard functionality of Manhattan Active Warehouse Management to further enhance yard efficiency in harmony with warehouse and transportation networks. It enables a unified approach to yard management across distribution, labor, transportation, and yard with easier extensibility, new levels of efficiency, better user experiences, and fewer manual processes.

Yard management is the process of managing and overseeing every activity that goes on in the yard. Yard logistics provides visibility and support for transportation units, including transportation planning, yard monitoring and billing, and execution.

Existing and new Manhattan Active Warehouse Management users can add Manhattan Active Yard Management at no cost, while Manhattan Active Transportation Management users can add it for an additional fee.

Faster and Easier Than Ever to Connect

Manhattan Active Platform technology makes it faster and easier than ever to connect to existing systems, valued partners and new services. To make it even easier, we’ve already integrated Manhattan Active Solutions to industry leading solutions for everything from inventory visibility and autonomous mobile robots to payments, fraud and search engine shopping, just to name a few. It’s your supply chain commerce ecosystem. Unified.

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