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Manhattan® Active Customer Service & Engagement, Contact Center, and Digital Self-Service and GenAI enable retailers to build and nurture enduring relationships with customers anytime during their buying journey and from anywhere they engage.

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Build and Nurture Enduring Customer Relationships

Self-Service Control

Give customers convenient post-purchase control over order changes and return/exchange requests through their laptop, tablet, mobile phone, chatbot or virtual assistant device.

Proactive Engagement

Keep customers proactively notified of order and return status and issues to avoid delays.

Connected Customers

Provide multiple ways for customers to connect with customer service and make it easy and fast to get assistance, including GenAI enabled chatbot, even with the most complex issues like returns and exchanges.

Omnichannel Customer View

Contact center associates can view a customer’s complete history of interactions with the retail brand, including activity across channels, to intelligently handle any customer inquiry.

Fast Access to Action

Through a unified customer dashboard and GenAI powered automation, contact center associates can effortlessly and quickly access and manage all aspects of the customer's journey in one place.

Guided Resolution

Contact center associates can create, assign, monitor, and escalate cases to streamline issue resolution for faster handling of customer issues.

Unified Selling

The contact center gets the same inventory view and order/checkout capabilities as digital and store channels, enabling customers to buy flexibly anywhere along their path to purchase.

Unified Insights

With Manhattan's Customer Engagement capabilities, all channels access the same rich customer insights to facilitate personalized customer service.

Unified Control

All channels—digital, store, self-service, and contact centers—leverage common ordering services that enable careful monitoring and complete control over orders and returns/exchanges.

Dynamic Insights

Assess issues faster with automated recognition of customers and their order history.

Resolve Issues Faster

By integrating customer engagement software, you can seamlessly incorporate case creation, assignment, monitoring, escalation, and resolution with your order management system, streamlining the entire customer experience.

Handle Issues Easier

See important KPIs, open cases, and critical communications with a unified console view.

The Manhattan Active® Platform

A cloud-native, evergreen, and extensible foundation engineered to handle the most complex supply chain networks in the world. Learn More.

Composable Microservices

API-first architecture with automated scalability, resiliency, and availability. Every component is part of a shared application platform.

Innovation Independence

Our low code, no code, your code development strategy means you pick what method of configuration and customization works best for you—with as much support as you want or need.

Continuous Updates

Every 90 days, all Manhattan Active solutions automatically receive new features and enhancements.

Fulfill Your Potential With Manhattan

Chief Digital Officers

Realize your omnichannel retail vision by ensuring customers have a consistent customer service experience across channels. Manhattan Active Customer Service & Engagement will enable you to:

  • Provide a consistent 360-degree view of the customer for use in any channel, bringing omnichannel service to life.
  • Allow customers to receive consistent service supporting their omnichannel orders and returns through digital self-service, contact centers, and stores.
  • Offer a unified sales experience, enabling customers to buy from global inventory through the contact center like they do online or in stores.   

Chief Customer Officer

Improve customer loyalty by transforming customer service to meet the demands of today’s omnichannel shoppers across their buying journey. Manhattan Active Customer Service & Engagement will enable you to:

  • Equip contact centers with the tools needed to expertly handle any customer inquiry, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Position customer self-service as a brand differentiator by giving customers industry-leading control over their post-purchase experience.
  • Make it easier for customers to engage with the business, helping improve brand reputation.  

IT Director

Keep customer service fresh, robust, and stable in an ever-changing retail environment with Manhattan’s best-in-class technology:

  • Deploy one platform and one user experience across contact centers.
  • Easy introduction of new customer engagement tools like digital self-service through virtual assistants.
  • Cloud-native solution with updates and new features provided every 90 days.


What you’ll need to know about Customer Relationship Management systems.

CRM systems are software that manages all interactions with the customer.

CRM systems typically include contact management, case management, sales management, and customer service and support—managing interactions through communications channels such as email, phone, and social media.  

A CRM system improves the customer experience while increasing customer loyalty.

Here’s how:

  • Improved customer insight by gathering and presenting data such as purchase history and preferences from all omnichannel interactions, which can be used to personalize customer interactions.
  • Enhanced customer service by tracking issues and responding efficiently and effectively.
  • Increased operational efficiency to streamline processes and improve communications between retailers and customers.  

In retail, digital self-service refers to digital technologies that enable customers to serve themselves post-purchase. It offers cost savings because it minimizes the need to use store and contact center resources for most requests.

Digital self-service can be offered through online sites or apps that allow customers to track and self-manage orders and returns. Virtual assistants, such as chatbots or voice-activated devices, are emerging as new ways for customers to manage their post-purchase experience conveniently.

Faster and Easier Than Ever to Connect

Manhattan Active Platform technology makes it faster and easier than ever to connect to existing systems, valued partners, and new services. To make it even easier, we’ve already integrated Manhattan Active Solutions into industry-leading solutions for everything from inventory visibility and autonomous mobile robots to payments, fraud, and search engine shopping, just to name a few. It’s your supply chain commerce ecosystem. Unified.

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