Manhattan has built valuable expertise working with manufacturing industry leaders worldwide. Our solutions are the result of this experience, and our expertise creates real measurable business outcomes and value for our customers by iterating and innovating at top speed—providing end-to-end visibility so you can stay current, adaptive, and seamlessly interconnected.

How Manhattan Optimizes Your Supply Chain

Understanding Industry Challenges

Each stage of manufacturing—starting with quality control of raw materials and continuing through regulatory compliance, inventory management, and capacity constraints—presents challenges that can also impact the rest of the supply chain.

Leveraging the Cloud

Our cloud-native and microservices architecture is versionless. That means seamless upgrades that occur automatically—with zero disruption or downtime. It’s how our solutions are able to constantly increase the efficiency, agility, and safety of some of the world’s most complex distribution networks.

Unlocking Efficiencies

By unifying the supply chain and creating end-to-end visibility—from planning through execution, inventory, and delivery—our solutions give you unprecedented control. Everything is flexible, configurable, and cost-effective.

"Manhattan’s solutions will help us achieve our goal to create wholesale selling excellence."

Irene Mahoney

Distribution Services Manager

New Balance

Our Solutions for Manufacturing

Warehouse Management

Control inventory, manage picking and packing, and optimize your warehouse space through the same app—all at the same time. Seamless integration allows end-to-end visibility and connections between suppliers, customers, and third-party logistics services. 

Transportation Management

Plan routes more efficiently, saving time and money. Consolidate freight, monitor location and performance, manage preventative maintenance, and check safety and compliance standards—all in real time—with seamlessly integrated transportation management.

Labor Management

Manage the workflow for picking, packing, slotting, and other daily tasks while motivating workers with data-driven gamification techniques and real-time digital communication, all unified with warehouse management and slotting optimization in a single app.

Inventory Management

Gain a holistic view of your inventory strategy with Manhattan’s advanced inventory management and optimization software. Demand planners and inventory managers can balance financial planning and management of daily replenishment cycles using historical data, more efficiently plan product processes, and manage replenishment strategies smarter. 

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