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We’re here to help. We’ve got a team of experienced implementation experts that provide the support needed to ensure your solutions and operations run smoothly, the services to continually enhance your ROI, and the dedication required to secure your success.

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Our Mission: To See You Succeed

We’re here to build a foundation for your success by giving you the right tools, resources, and care required for operational supply chain excellence.

  • We provide 24x7 global support 
  • We monitor system health with you and Cloud Operations
  • We offer Premier Support services to help your team
  • We help you benefit from new functionality and innovation
  • We focus on your DC operations' success

Results-Driven Performance

Manhattan RPM (Results-Driven Performance Methodology) is the process Manhattan uses to deliver products or other Manhattan software and related services to our customers. Our global team of professionals offers extensive industry, technology, and implementation experience.

Our Approach to Implementation

Our software implementation steps rely on the Manhattan RPM, a process built on decades of experience to ensure you get the most out of our technology. With this approach, we secure a phased, systematic, and measurable adoption of solutions and deployment that continuously gauges progress and business value.

The project initiation phase begins by establishing objectives, scope, resources, and deployment strategy. We then move on to the five phases of implementation.
  1. 01

    Design- The Design stage then produces functionality specifics, non-functional needs, integration, reporting, deployment plans, and training strategy.

  2. 02

    Build- We then build configuration, development, unit testing, and training content.

  3. 03

    Prepare- We prepare for implementation with integration testing, volume testing, user acceptance, mock conversion, mock go-live, business readiness, and training.

  4. 04

    Deploy & Support- Once all of the necessary precautions have been considered and factors calibrated, we proceed with go-live, hypercare, volume ramp, and finally aid in the Customer Support transition.

  5. 05

    Customer Support- We provide a post-project assessment that evaluates the current state of operations and future opportunities. Lastly, we ensure a smooth transition to customer support, with ongoing support available whenever needed.

Professional Service Resource Profiles

Our Professional Services resource personnel average 8,000 hours of customer implementation experience, all bringing their own level of expertise. 

Directors & Architects

• 15+ years of experience
• 20+ unique customer projects
• 12,000+ lifetime project hours

Functional & Technical Leads

• 5+ years at Manhattan
• 3,000+ hours of product & process
• 1,000+ secondary hours

Consultants & Developers

• 250+ hours of training
• 1,300+ project hours in the first year

Keys to Supply Chain System Success


Manhattan has significant experience in rolling out large-scale enterprise supply chain systems. The most successful implementations include an organizational focus on process standardization.

How to drive Standardization:

  • Focus on true business requirements versus the current state process
  • Process variation should be allowable for unique requirements only
  • Study and compare within your own organization—the best practice may already be there


Clients who focus on identifying the “why” for complex processes tend to eliminate unneeded and complex customizations.

How to drive Simplification:

  • Customize software for unique regulatory, compliance, or customer requirements
  • Leverage rigorous ROI-based methodology for other modifications
  • Start with a “base” approach and modify based on business demand


Creating a Center of Excellence (CoE) for warehouse best practices drives standardization and simplification while reducing support.

How to drive Centralization:

  • Create a formal Center of Excellence for Manhattan
  • Develop a governance structure for implementations and changes
  • Drive knowledge sharing and best practice development through the CoE

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Our Professional Services Organization (PSO) team is here to ensure a smooth transition to your new software solutions and more—let us show you how we can help.

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