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Manhattan’s Enterprise Mobility team serves as a single point of accountability, assisting in Enterprise Mobility & Robotics design, selection, and procurement to save you time and money.

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Our Enterprise Mobility team ensures the success of your supply chain commerce software by recommending and providing procurement paths for the best quality hardware and configuring your device ecosystem around best practices. Through our exclusive partnerships with top enterprise mobility manufacturers and third-party software vendors, we unlock competitive pricing and provide top-tier technical support that you can’t get anywhere else.

"We count on the team’s dependable service, expertise in supply chain operations, and appreciate their efforts to meet our demanding schedules."

Edward Stein

IT Director

Cardinal Health North American Supply Chain

One Point of Contact. One Team.

Hardware Assessments

First, we look at risk factors, outdated hardware and software, configurations, readiness, and wireless network coverage to see if you need to make upgrades and updates, all in preparation for your Manhattan software implementation.

Customized Solutions

Our consultants will take the time to understand your current legacy systems and where you want to head strategically. We’ll assess your specific operational requirements and identify the best equipment you will need to meet your objectives.


We source the best technologies to support your software. Our team can help you procure recommended mobile devices, robotics, point-of-sale terminals, voice solutions, barcode scanners, Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, RFID tags and readers, document and label printers, and other essential equipment.


Our engineers will configure your devices according to the industry’s best practices. We perform configurations every week and are intimately familiar with the intricacies and complexities of a successful deployment.


Our consultants provide customized, comprehensive hardware training for your users. Training covers staging, troubleshooting, management, functionality, and hands-on use of the equipment.


You’re having a problem. Instead of calling several different vendors, you can just call us. We know your hardware and software inside out, and we have partnerships with many of your vendors. Let us chase down the problem and sort it out.

Ongoing Consulting

Your business goals, objectives, and strategies are often changing. Our industry-leading mobility engineers are always ready to provide advice and help you meet your objectives.

Why Manhattan Enterprise Mobility?

Manhattan Enterprise Mobility engineers are experts on every product we sell to you. We'll recommend the best models and part numbers to ensure the tech specs match your environment. Our engineers define the industry's best practices on how to configure, deploy, and support products that we implement so that you can maximize your Manhattan investment.

Five Reasons to Choose Manhattan's Enterprise Mobility Services

  1. 01

    We deal with Manhattan hardware and software implementations every day. We know the right solutions at the lowest cost. And because of our manufacturer partnerships and volume purchasing, our customers receive the most competitive pricing.

  2. 02

    We have decades of experience setting up equipment and we perform hundreds of implementations each year. Our knowledge and experience reduce implementation risks that may otherwise occur if you had bought hardware from a less experienced vendor.

  3. 03

    After a major implementation, you want to see results: a smooth go-live, quick user adoption, and ROI. Our team is already up to speed—requiring no separate vendor to learn or possibly conflict with your implementation. As a result, hardware becomes an integral part of implementation—leading to higher user acceptance, smoother change management, and faster onboarding.

  4. 04

    With our team overseeing procurement, implementation, and support, you can extend the lifetime of your purchases. In addition, we also help you lower total cost of ownership through training, built-in support, and buyback opportunities for used equipment.

  5. 05

    By keeping tabs on patching, updates and upgrades to hardware, we ensure that your hardware runs at its highest performance. We stay current on hardware and software issues in our industry, so we can often respond quickly and proactively to major concerns. Lastly, our hardware maintenance ensures your security against cyberattacks and compliance with industry regulations.

Our Manhattan Enterprise Mobility Process

Manhattan's Enterprise Mobility team are experts on every product we sell to you. We'll recommend the best models and part numbers to ensure the tech specs match your environment. Our engineers define industry best practices on how to configure, deploy, and support products that we implement so that you maximize your Manhattan investment.

Your internal team may oversee enterprise mobility refreshes, but they don’t perform them daily. We do. Working seamlessly with Manhattan software teams, our process ensures the success of your software implementation. 

Assess: We will hold a kickoff meeting, perform a hardware readiness assessment, and conduct an ROI analysis to ensure any new hardware fits your needs and budget.

Design: We’ll craft an enterprise mobility management strategy, design your workflow automation and user experience enhancements, and select your devices.

Procure: As a strategic partner with the top enterprise manufacturers, we receive the best, most competitive pricing. Because we implement hundreds of projects each year, we know how to procure the best hardware for your needs quickly.

Implement: We carefully oversee staging, configuration, connectivity, training, and change management.

Support: We’re here for you during go-live—and after. Our 24x7 helpdesk, customer portal, and overnight hardware replacement help you respond quickly to any hardware issue. And our partnerships with manufacturers connect you to high-end Tier 1 and Tier 2 support.

How Can We Support You?

Our Enterprise Mobility team is here to ensure a smooth transition to your new software solutions and more—let us show you how we can help.

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