2023 Unified Commerce Benchmark for Specialty Retail

The only empirical benchmark of unified commerce retailers for specialty retail

Unified commerce technology promises a consistent and seamless omnichannel experience across all channels, whether they are shopping online, in-store, or through a mobile device. The problem for many retailers is that a growing variety of selling, engagement, and fulfillment expectations have made delivering those omnichannel commerce experiences increasingly tricky.

Based on actual purchases, returns, and customer journeys across digital and physical channels, this first-of-its-kind research evaluates 124 global brands in 11 specialty retail segments covering 286 attributes to reveal the leading Unified Commerce retailers in the United States and the opportunities for others to improve their operations.

The research highlighted that, overall, most retailers now offer at least some basic unification of the customer experience across channels. But as the general standard of customer experience rises across the board, being good enough will no longer be good enough. Differentiation is shifting from simply offering a customer experience capability to offering it with depth, nuance, and personalized context.

Most retailers now offer basic capabilites


Inventory availability on Product Detail Page (PDP)


Product recommendations on PDP


Inventory availability on Product Detail Page (PDP)


Store associates can access product and inventory details

Few offer nuance and depth of experience


Real-time inventory statistics on PDP


Personalized product recommendations based on purchase history


Real-time order status alerts, communication about delays


Store associates can access shoppers’ purchase history and wishlist

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