From Manhattan Associates, this is Nucleus of Innovation; the retail and supply chain podcast, where we tackle some of the most important topics in the industry and learn how leaders are managing their supply chain challenges every day.

In the coming weeks, this podcast will focus on the impacts and outcomes of COVID-19 and what that will mean for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in both the near- and long-term.


The Acceleration of Communications and Engagement in Retail

The acceleration effects of the global pandemic are not restricted to curbside pickup. Customer service and engagement have been turned upside down as well and unified communication is at the center of it all.

Guests: Karthik Marudur, Manhattan Associates and Alex Bravo, Twilio - Retail and Travel Industry

August 19, 2020


Automation And Robotics In Today's Logistics Market

The current-state and future potential of warehouse robotics & automation in today’s logistics market.

Guests: eStore Logistics Founder & Managing Director, Leigh Williams, and General Manager, James Ellis.

Host: James Canham-Ash, EMEA Communications Manager at Manhattan Associates.

August 18, 2020


Man and Machine

The ability to balance man and machine in the warehouse may be more critical than ever as the rise of digital commerce and the proliferation of robotics intersect in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

GUESTS: Karen Leavitt, CMO at Locus Robotics and, Adam Kline, Senior Director, Warehouse Product Management at Manhattan Associates

HOST: Chris Shaw, Manhattan Associates’ Senior Director, Product Marketing

June 9, 2020


Proximity Safety in the Warehouse

During and after the pandemic, organizations must be able to navigate the nuances of a return to normal or higher demand and the proximity restrictions that COVID-19 has created for DC labor.

GUESTS: Mark Wheeler, Director of Supply Chain Solutions at Zebra Technologies, Matt Dermody, Senior Manager, Solutions Architect & Services, at Manhattan Associates

May 7, 2020


Life Under Lockdown in ANZ

Business models are transforming in Australia & New Zealand in response to COVID-19. Look at life under lockdown and hear how retailers + supply chains can creatively adapt.

GUEST: Raghav Sibal, Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand at Manhattan Associates.

HOST: James Canham-Ash, Manhattan Associates’ EMEA Communications and Public Relations Manager

May 5, 2020


Life and Business in Japan During COVID-19 Pandemic

Life & Business In Japan: What impact is COVID-19 having in Japan? Our expert guest, Naohide Takatani, shares insights.

GUESTNaohide Takatani, Managing Director for Japan and Korea at Manhattan Associates. 

HOST: James Carnham-Ash Manhattan Associates'EMEA Communications and Public Relations Manager

April 30, 2020


Virtualization of Services and Implementations

As COVID-19 restrictions keep project teams and resources apart, what can be done to bring in a project on time?

GUEST: Stewart Gantt, Senior Vice President, Cloud Operations & Professional Services

April 20, 2020


Managing DC Labor During a Pandemic

How to keep the supply chain moving while keeping our employees comforted and engaged.

GUESTS: Steve Banker, VP of Supply Chain Management at ARC Advisory Group, and Peter Schnorbach, Senior Labor and Engagement Product Leader at Manhattan Associates.

April 15, 2020


What Does It Take to Keep the Trucks Rolling?

Expert guests discuss the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on transportation networks.

GUESTS: Gregg Lanyard, Transportation Product Director at Manhattan Associates, and Adrian Gonzalez, Lead Analyst and Founder of Adelante SCM

April 15, 2020


Can Store Fulfillment Keep Retail Moving?

Can store-based fulfillment help keep retail moving during the pandemic?

GUESTS: Jeff Ball, Senior Retail Leader,  and Amy Tennant, Order Management and Store Fulfillment Solutions Leader, Manhattan Associates

April 14, 2020


AI Predictions Of Future Pandemic-Level Demand

We discuss whether AI can help organizations react faster and more accurately to disruptions like the coronavirus pandemic.

GUESTS: Jeff Beadle, Senior Data Science Team Leader, and Scott Fenwick, Inventory Product Leader at Manhattan Associates

April 14, 2020


Quarantine life and the future of retail

In this episode, we discuss the critical need for omnichannel capabilities today and how life at home may transform retail in the future.

GUESTS: Brian Kilcourse, RSR Research Analyst, and Kevin Swanwick, Senior Director, Retail Solutions at Manhattan Associates

April 13, 2020


So, Where Is All The Toilet Paper?

So, where’s all the TP? Let’s talk about inventory management and the demand shock caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

GUEST: Scott Fenwick, Inventory Product Leader at Manhattan Associates

April 10, 2020


Consumer Buying Behavior

This podcast episode explores the lessons learned by retailers during the current crisis and how they can help them plan for the next disruption.

GUEST: Jeff Ball, Retail Solutions Leader at Manhattan Associates

April 9, 2020


Try Before You Buy?

The seismic shift in consumer shopping behavior has caused many retailers to lose their primary form of customer engagement. How are they responding?

GUEST: Jeff Ball, Retail Solutions Leader at Manhattan Associates

April 9, 2020


Gamification in the Modern Warehouse

What is gamification and how can using psychological and motivational tactics from video games engage and retain workers in the distribution center?

GUESTS: Dr. Karl Kapp, faculty member and the Assistant Director at Bloomsburg University’s Institute for Interactive Technologies | Peter Schnorbach, Labor Management Leader at Manhattan Associates

April 9, 2020


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