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Point of Sale Buyers’ Guide

Point of Sale Buyers’ Guide

Stores are a critical part of a retailer’s broader brand narrative including the customer’s overall omnichannel experience with the retailer. As the role of the brick and mortar store continues to evolve, so should retail store point of sale systems.

This is why Manhattan Associates has teamed with leading retail industry advisory firm Incisiv to provide a comprehensive guide for translating modern retail business needs into prioritized criteria for next-generation point of sale selection.

The Next-Gen Point of Sale Buyers' Guide prioritizes features and capabilities that should be represented in your company’s point of sale selection criteria. Critical point of sale capabilities are linked to the strategic and tactical business needs for roles spanning customer experience, brand management, store operations and supply chain, solution architecture (IT) and executive management (strategy and ROI).

Your point of sale solution should be a point of possibility, not a point of limitation. Use this guide to kick-start the transformation of your point of sale into an omnichannel advantage full of possibility. And learn more about how Manhattan Point of Sale is becoming the standard for the next-generation of retail POS systems.

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