John Mills Manhattan Associates

John Mills

Director, Professional Services
Manhattan Associates
Replenishment buyers are often viewed within their organization as a cost center. I was a buyer for eight years and have been involved in inventory management for 27 years—30 if you count my years as paperboy. Buyers take the heat for everything: late orders, trying to buy enough of the new "hottest item of the year," and trying to get rid of the overstock from last year's "hottest item of the year." As the director of purchasing and candy buyer in the convenience store distribution industry, the job wasn't always sweet. Whether it was someone trying to sell me unusual items such as scorpion lollipops, jalapeno jelly beans or ostrich jerky, or dealing with the normal everyday calamities, there were definitely some sour moments.

As the Director of Professional Services for Manhattan Associates, I work with our customers as they plan for and implement our Replenishment and Demand Forecasting solutions. It's my vision to ensure that Replenishment buyers are viewed as critical members of the corporate infrastructure. They provide immense value to the organization through the efficient management of the company's biggest asset—inventory. We intend to make that vision a reality for replenishment buyers across all industries.
Paul Van Stedum

Paul Van Stedum

Director, Industry Solutions
Manhattan Associates
During college, I worked in all areas of the supply chain, from order picking to receiving and inventory management. Eventually I was a buyer for 16 years and a director of purchasing, working across the pharmaceutical, grocery, automotive and retail industries. My favorite part of being a buyer was finding ways to reduce inventory while keeping our customers satisfied. After nearly 30 years in the supply chain industry, I serve as the Director for Industry Solutions at Manhattan Associates.

My team specializes in Demand Forecasting and Replenishment, working with prospective and active customers to review their distribution networks and replenishment processes. We demonstrate how Manhattan's Demand Forecasting and Replenishment solutions can help them achieve success. With the means to slash inventory levels and achieve dramatic reductions in per-unit replenishment costs, customers' expectations are met. At Manhattan, I have the opportunity to improve the lives of buyers by providing better tools that leverage their talents and expertise. That's the best part about my job now.
Gavin Gaffney Bio

Gavin Gaffney

Senior Principal Consultant
Manhattan Associates
To be profitable with your supply chain, you need up to the minute information to keep product moving from suppliers into the hands of your customers. This is particularly true in the food service distribution industry where I spent nearly 25 years as a buyer, director and consultant. With such tight margins, there are numerous variables to consider. Food has to be appealing, but move quickly and safely. You have to avoid high transportation costs, but require accurate and speedy deliveries. And the last thing you want to contend with is obsolete product. In fact, I thought this was the most undesirable part of my job.

After walking a mile in your shoes, I understand how overwhelming it can be to strike the right balance of supply and demand. At Manhattan Associates, I'm responsible for enabling customers to meet these challenges head-on with solutions that enhance demand forecasting and replenishment capabilities. We can help you slash inventory levels and realize dramatic reductions in replenishment costs across your supply chain. That's what you need to impact your profits. And that's how I can help.

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