Transportation and supply chain leaders are feeling the pressure to evolve. We have to be more efficient, even as customers demand everything shipped for free yesterday. We have to be more environmentally sustainable, while protecting profitability at the same time. In short, we have to disrupt our own processes — before our competitors disrupt us out of business.

Transportation Disruption is a podcast for supply chain and transportation leaders. Each episode features a panel of experts discussing the latest trends in everything from eCommerce to sustainability. We analyze the challenges, identify opportunities, and help you find innovative ways to keep moving.


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Episode 1:  Sustainability Vs. Profitability

Consumers expect on-demand shipping, preferably for free. But they also are increasingly holding businesses accountable for environmental sustainability. How can businesses balance profitability and environmental responsibility? We discuss what steps business leaders should be taking now to find efficiencies, optimize and find the ROI in sustainability.

HOST: Chris Shaw, Manhattan Associates

PANEL: Steve Banker, ARC Advisory Group | Gregg Lanyard, Manhattan Associates | Chris Starks, Deloitte

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Episode 2: eCommerce and the Supply Chain Inversion

Businesses have spent decades--or centuries--optimizing shipping to bring large quantities of goods to distribution centers where consumers can pick them up. Now we’re tasked with doing the opposite: Consumers want 1:1 delivery, and they want it fast. Oh, and free, too. Our panel digs in to discover how businesses are meeting the e-commerce challenge, even without Amazon-size deep pockets.

HOST: Chris Shaw, Manhattan Associates

PANEL: Brian Gibson, Auburn University Harbert College of Business | Gregg Lanyard, Manhattan Associates | Herman Guzman, Deloitte

Episode 3: Tech Solutions for the Supply Chain: What, Why, and How

Episode 3: Tech Solutions for the Supply Chain: What, Why and How

Businesses that invest in digitizing their supply chain can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and see a substantial return on investment. But investing in new technology isn’t enough: There’s also change management, getting buy-in across the organization, and steering clear of obstacles. Our panel discusses the benefits and caveats of investing in supply chain tech, along with clear do’s and don’ts for your implementation.

HOST: Chris Shaw, Manhattan Associates

PANEL: Gregg Lanyard, Manhattan Associates | Herman Guzman, Deloitte |Ron Lazo, Vice President, Manhattan Associates

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