Manhattan Active Inventory, Inventory Management

Single View Of Your Enterprise Inventory Strategy

Manhattan Active™ Inventory allows you to finally achieve a single, holistic view of all aspects of your inventory strategy. From annual financial planning to daily replenishment reordering to periodic enterprise alignment of the plan, Manhattan Active Inventory provides the tools you need to ensure your inventory investment strategies are generating the maximum value and returns, to Push Possible® for your enterprise.

Enter The Era Of Omnichannel Inventory Optimization

Improve service levels, increase sales, and reduce inventory. These ideas have been the cornerstones of advanced inventory optimization for decades. But in the era of digital commerce and omnichannel fulfillment, the inventory optimization game has fundamentally changed. Inventory is consumed in new and different ways on a real-time basis, which leaves many of today’s prevalent inventory management methodologies obsolete. Old methods just won’t work in this new arena. Manhattan Active Inventory provides fresh perspectives and innovation to address today’s omni-inventory challenges.

Unlock Innovation At The Speed Of The Cloud

Staying active requires a flexible approach, one where enterprises can take advantage of the newest technology quickly. To achieve a faster pace and support constant innovation, Manhattan Active Inventory solutions are designed to adapt. Solutions are available across a variety of deployment options—public cloud, private cloud, managed/hosted, or on-premise—to serve a broad range of needs, capabilities, and budgets. With options to receive annual upgrades, you can ensure you’re always current with the latest inventory innovations from Manhattan.

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers