Manhattan Active® Omni | Customer Success Story With Brooks Brothers

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Brooks Brothers, the oldest American apparel brand dating back to 1818, selected Manhattan Active® Omni in 2018 to optimize its ecommerce fulfillment capabilities. At the time, they were only fulfilling ecommerce orders from a single distribution center (DC) at discounted prices as a means to sell out-of-season product. The retailer wanted to be able to leverage available inventory from all of its stores to fulfill ecommerce orders more efficiently and at full price.

Watch as Brooks Brothers Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Todd Treonze talks about how Manhattan Active® Omni not only maximized the retailer’s ecommerce fulfillment potential moving forward with a multitude of capabilities, but also helped them stay afloat during the Covid-19 Pandemic when its ecommerce orders skyrocketed from 35% to 100% overnight.


Back in 2018, Brooks Brothers felt that it was time to change the way they fulfill its ecommerce commerce orders and selected Manhattan Active® Omni. Before Manhattan, the retailer only utilized a single distribution center to fulfill its ecommerce orders and a large portion of the inventory being sent to this distribution center was marked down from retail store locations, leading to products being sold at discounted prices.


Manhattan Active® Omni and its suite of solutions capabilities enabled Brooks Brothers to fulfill its ecommerce orders directly from local stores, which was vital during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic as the retailer had to close all its stores and become a 100% digital business.


Manhattan Active Omni transformed Brooks Brothers’ omnichannel capabilities and the retailer was able to leverage best-in-class scalability and visibility order management software to keep up with the influx of ecommerce orders that arrived due to the Pandemic and during the hectic holiday season that followed. Brooks Brothers can now support customers via any channel they chose to shop and has access to unified inventory management, order management, promotions and point of sale solutions to better its omnichannel customer experience.