Multi-channel selling formats, segmentation of critical customers, intense global competition, and volatile demand patterns make the merchandise planning process more challenging than ever. To determine the right product mix, your planning solutions require the flexibility to support top-down and bottom-up planning for every part of the business at any given time.

Granular Analysis For The Most Valuable Portions Of Your Assortment

Manhattan’s Financial Planning enables an iterative process of setting top-down sales and inventory targets, tracking performance, refining forecasts, and reevaluating assumptions. Planners can develop category-level plans by channel, with key performance metrics specific to your business, while taking into account historical and planned assortment mix. 

Simulating what-if planning scenarios to predict the impact of changing trends means your team makes better decisions—and has the foundation to achieve the right mix of merchandise to satisfy both customers and profit and revenue goals.

Features + Functions
Plan top-down or bottom-up, pre-season or in-season, across multiple channels
Gain enterprise-wide visibility to actual, plan, and forecast performance metrics across multiple levels of the organization
Determine and track category mix, open-to-buy, and inventory flow for pre-season and in-season
Use intuitive, step-by-step workflows, with dynamic orientation of worksheet views
Spread (i.e. aggregate/disaggregate) metric modifications up and down the hierarchy
Include attributes to plan based on customer preferences

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