Improve Warehouse Employee Engagement & Productivity

Deploy Manhattan’s Labor Management software to close the employee engagement gap. Track and trace horizontally across every function in real-time, from the office, or on the go. Warehouse managers now have performance data at their fingertips, easily accessible on desktop or tablet device for faster and more responsive decision.

The result? Improved workforce efficiency, reduced turnover and increased productivity in the warehouse.

Smarter Technology for Warehouse Employee Management

Do more with the industry’s leading Labor Management solutions and transform mundane expensive and labor-intensive processes with machine learning technology. MANHATTAN’s intuitive Labor Management software is remastering the art of fulfillment and employee engagement. The platform provides specific metrics tailored to the employee. Get optional ranking to incent employee’s performance and key metrics tailed to the specific operation or warehouse facility. Labor Management can be implemented as a standalone solution, or with Manhattan Warehouse Management.

Actionable insights for Better Employee Engagement.

Supervisors can spend more time on the warehouse floor, where they can interact with their employees, take real-time action to eliminate bottlenecks, work with low performers and ensure operations are running smoothly with Manhattan’s Labor Management System.

Features + Functions
  • Measure how staff is performing against engineered labor standards
  • Leverage prescriptive workflows for coaching and interacting with employees
  • Provide systematic feedback to employees in a consumer grade scorecard that includes performance feedback and gamification capabilities
  • Optimize overtime, regular and temporary labor based on demand forecasts
  • Use mobile capabilities to facilitate more supervisor time spent on the floor, with real-time data on employee productivity and performance
  • Calculate incentive pay and feed into payroll systems
  • Use “what-if” analysis to determine optimal staffing requirements
  • Forecast and plan labor by day, shift, job and zone

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