Improve Promotional Planning with Machine Learning

There is no denying that the number of promotional events has increased tenfold, and it is more difficult to predict the impact each promotional campaign will have on demand. Having access to this type of performance insight is crucial to growing profitably - but it’s not easy to get it. With a plethora of promotions running simultaneously, it is even more challenging to determine which promotional activity will drive demand. And if a promotion were to impact demand, how can you accurately predict how demand will change?   

Your answers to these questions are buried in the details of previous promotional activities and can be extrapolated with the right technology.

Manhattan Demand Forecasting, with Promotional Planning, solves this problem for you. Our promotional planning solution accurately predicts the demand impact of each promotion using the most advanced data science and machine learning models.

Learn Deep Insights to Make Data Driven Promotional Plans

With Promotional Planning, your team will gain deep insights and learn the corresponding impact a promotional event has on sales and forecasting demand. With this insight, demand planners can improve promotional performance ROI, only increasing inventory for the promotional events the model predicts will actually drive sales.

Now, your demand planners can define the promotion, select and assign items to it, and then leverage Demand Forecasting to model the expected increase in sales. With the Manhattan Demand Forecasting and Promotional Modeling solution, your enterprise will improve promotional planning and forecast accuracy and manage inventory more effectively to achieve higher average profit margins.

Achieve More Consistently High Performing Promotions

Manhattan’s Promotional Planning solution provides consistent, visible, and accessible event information across the organization. And better information enables demand planners to shorten the promotion planning cycle, minimize risk, monitor results, and respond to changing circumstances—delivering higher average profit margins on promotions.

Key Benefits of Manhattan Promotional Planning
  • Manage the entire process of creating, forecasting, and planning promotions
  • See the best-selling and most profitable products from previous promotions
  • Gain insights into the most impactful promotions
  • Build promotional assortments based on similar events
  • Incorporate promotion-specific attributes, including page number, display fixture, offer, and price zone
  • Automatically update forecasts based on actual performance data
  • Use “what-if” simulations to fine-tune strategies
  • Consolidate plans for analysis and purchasing across channels

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers