Create Modern Store Experiences

Cultivate unified commerce experiences that exceed customer expectations with this guide to the five essential elements of the modern store.

First Essential Element of Modern Store Experiences

Modern Stores Are Empowering

Modern stores put their associates at the forefront of redefining in-person retail experiences by empowering them with deep customer and product insight and enabling digital and mobile technology.

Performing as brand ambassadors, product advisors, sales and service specialists, and fulfillment expeditors, associates guide customers at every stage of their buying journey with distinct advice, personal engagement, and precise execution. By offering value-added services and support unavailable in other sales channels, shoppers gain a unique partnership with the retail brand, making the store shopping experience more convenient and valuable.

Essentials of the Empowered Store

Empower associates to expertly orchestrate modern store experiences and create value for shoppers with strategies and capabilities that include:

Second Essential Element of Modern Store Experiences

Modern Stores Are Seamless

Seamless selling is crucial in modern stores as it provides the convenient and complete purchase experience that shoppers value. It caters to shopper needs by seamlessly managing omnichannel purchases in the store.

Even if an item is not available in the store, an associate can find it and arrange how the customer wants to receive the item, such as shipping or pickup. Purchase checkout is optimized for omnichannel purchases, supporting the completion of mixed shopping carts with items ready for walkaway and future fulfillment. The store streamlines all checkout steps and details into a single efficient transaction, enhanced by various payment options to enable fast checkout.

Modern shoppers reward stores that embrace seamless selling with more visits and increased sales.

Essentials of Seamless Selling

Improve customer convenience and increase foot traffic and sales by adopting essential seamless selling strategies and capabilities, including:

Third Essential Element of Modern Store Experiences

Modern Stores Are Personal

Today’s shoppers appreciate the personal touch of modern stores. Store associates use customer and product insights to personalize every customer interaction, creating engaging and meaningful experiences.

By accessing rich customer data through mobile devices, associates can greet customers by name and provide tailored services and recommendations. Associates offer unique advice via extensive product information, providing customers with valuable guidance that enhances their shopping journey. Engagement tools, including appointments, digital lookbooks, and remote selling, enable elevated services that distinguish the in-store experience.

In an increasingly digital world, personal retailing helps modern stores stand out by providing customers with added value beyond the purchase transaction.

Essentials of Personal Retailing

Enhance customer relationships and realize increased sales conversions by adopting essential personal retailing strategies and capabilities, including:

Fourth Essential Element of Modern Store Experiences

Modern Stores Are Fulfilling

Omnichannel shoppers have high expectations for the speed of online order fulfillment. Modern stores offer a reliable solution to this demand by acting as fulfillment centers for digitally influenced commerce.

By leveraging automation technology like RFID, store associates excel at efficiently and precisely managing inventory and processing order picking, packing, staging, and shipping to meet customer order promises, such as consistently meeting promised pickup times. The order pickup experience — enhanced by clear customer communication — becomes a value-added customer service, adding convenience to modern shoppers' lives.

With optimized store fulfillment, stores can consistently fulfill the customer's desire for immediacy, creating a positive experience that encourages repeat business.

Essentials of Store Fulfillment Performance

Deliver the store fulfillment performance that delights customers by adopting essential store fulfillment performance strategies and capabilities, including:

Final Essential Element of Modern Store Experiences

Modern Stores Are Insight-Driven

Utilizing comprehensive insights to enhance operations continually is standard practice in modern stores. The entire store team is equipped with easily accessible and understandable insights to make informed decisions.

Store systems visualize data in key performance areas, motivating store managers and associates to increase their use of insights. These insights go beyond internal performance data and compare store performance against competitors to identify additional opportunities for improvement.

By leveraging real-time insights, store teams can closely monitor changes in customer behavior, track sales, measure productivity, and manage customer commitments. Providing store teams with the right insights brings opportunistic decision-making that impacts customer experience.

Essentials of Store Performance Insights

Master the use of data insights to improve performance and experiences by adopting store performance insights strategies and capabilities, including:

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