Optimise Profitability with Intelligent Retail Solutions

The shopping journey is often a multi-faceted path made up of disjointed channels, but shoppers want consistency – not disjointed experiences. Nearly two-thirds of retail customers expect a consistent level of service, regardless of where they are engaging with retailers.

To win in today’s marketplace, it is essential for retailers to remove friction and gaps across the buying journey. Unifying the retail experience means having the right information and tools in place at the right time. Only then can a retailer enable its customers to conveniently inquire, buy, return, exchange or resolve issues anywhere and everywhere they want.

Manhattan Active™ Omni helps retailers unify the customer journey to deliver frictionless, consistent omnichannel selling and experiences that customers expect.

Please see these resources to find out how you can deliver an exceptional omnichannel experience:

Deliver On Your Promise to Customers