Customers Want Service Consistency

Customer service consistency plays a big role in determining shopper satisfaction. In a 2018 shopper survey, nearly two-thirds of shoppers said getting a consistent level of service, regardless of where they are engaging with a retailer, is most important to them1.  Quality customer service is delivered when associates have the ability to handle any inquiry, regardless of where the original transaction started, such as an order, return or exchange.  To achieve exceptional retail customer service, it’s essential that contact centers are equipped with complete access to all order information – from anywhere, at any time.

Deliver Exceptional Retail Customer Service Always

Manhattan Contact Center provides customer service associates with a complete customer view, including full transaction and interaction history, from a single dashboard. Using Manhattan Order Management services, it provides access to customer orders and transactions originating from any channel, enabling associates to seamlessly perform service actions including: order search, order capture, order modifications, cancellations, adding coupons, appeasements, and returns and exchanges.

With the additional capabilities of Manhattan Customer Engagement enabled in the contact center, associates are prepared to deliver exceptional service during any interaction. Activity across various channels – such as phone, chat, email and social – is a displayed as part of the customer profile enabling associates to personalize any interaction. 

With customer service case management, issues for resolution can be created and managed by associates or automatically by the system. Exceptions, like payment failure and shipment delays, automatically generate a case and are assigned to work queues for proactive customer service. With Manhattan Contact Center, your customer service associates are always equipped with the information to deliver omnichannel service that builds loyalty and creates great experiences.

Features + Functions
  • Provide associates with fast and easy access to a single customer dashboard of all transactions originating from any channel
  • Manage work queues and tasks through a customer service associate dashboard
  • Reduce inquiry call times with the most-requested order and return-related information in fewer clicks
  • Capture sales with robust item search and product info features
  • Offer pricing, promotions, taxes, and payment processing
  • Enable modifications to any attribute of an order
  • Support returns and even/uneven exchanges across channels
  • Give support associates options for multiple delivery methods like ship to address, pick-up in store, and ship to store
  • Leverage store locater and store-level inventory visibility
  • Gate and monitor access across various user roles for functions like appeasements, returns, etc.
  • Tailor with a flexible and easily extensible UI
  • Maximize legacy investments with RESTful API architecture
  • Work seamlessly with Manhattan Customer Engagement for social communication and customer insight
  • Integrate seamlessly with other contact center software for intelligent call routing to improve associate productivity

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1. (June 2018) “For Many Shoppers, Consistency is Key”:

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